Is There a Difference Between Old Testament Prophecy and New Testament Prophecy?

Released January 19, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


The controversy over prophetic ministry is nothing new. In fact, the early Church, in order to keep the gift of prophecy from being recklessly used, employed a means of testing and confirming prophetic words. Prophecy was not a gift and ministry that happened independently from the community of believers working together. According to the Apostle Paul’s teachings, prophecy is the most vital spiritual gift, so the modern Church needs to get reacquainted with this reality and come together in a commitment to reel in sloppy prophetic ministry. One of the main reasons we have a problem today in prophetic ministry is due to the fact that we fail to distinguish the differences between Old Testament prophets and the New Testament gift of prophecy. If we can understand these important differences, we can adjust how we release and receive prophetic words.

In this episode, Jeff walks us through the unhealthy results that occur when unaccountable Christians operate with a “Thus saint the Lord...” mentality as they carelessly release prophetic words. Sloppiness is neither a gift nor fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is important to God that we constantly operate in partnership with Him when engaging in prophetic ministry. May those who listen to this episode come into agreement that Holy Spirit is offering us all a better way to flow in the gift of prophecy.