Can A True Prophet Get It Wrong?

Released January 21, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


"Houston, we have a problem!" Those famous words from decades in the past are often used by us in modern days to indicate that there is a significant issue which needs to be addressed. Church, we have a problem! The issue of modern-day prophets missing the mark when it comes to the fulfillment of the words they release is an issue that authentic believers cannot afford to ignore. If we are going to lead in the power and gifting of the Holy Spirit, then we must remain concerned that we are all operating in a consistent flow of excellence. With the volume of public prophecies given about the outcome of the Presidential election, the question has been raised both inside and outside of the Church, "Can a true prophet ever get it wrong?" The answer is YES. But how they respond when they get it wrong may be the revelation of whether or not they are true prophets of God. In this episode, Jeff shows how a New Testament prophet missed the mark in an important word that he released to the Apostle Paul. From this biblical example, we can discern the answers to many questions that are currently being asked about the gift of prophecy and the office of a prophet in the Church. These are no longer side-issues. These are central, and we must give honest answers to difficult questions. Additional resources available at: Reference: Acts 11 & 21