How should a Christian Voice Political Dissent?

Released February 2, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


The Church in America has a love/hate relationship with politics. We love when our candidate wins and the other one loses. We want our politicians to express and advance our spiritual, philosophical and cultural values. It is clear that the Church has drawn heavily from the well of culture to drink rather than the culture drinking from what the Church has to offer. We are a divided nation, and the Church looks sadly similar to the political divide we see in America. So…we disagree. Now what? In this episode, Jeff uses Scripture to address the issue of where the boundaries are drawn for us expressing our political discontent. Are we allowed by God to protest? Is there a place for civil disobedience? Should we use our influence to expose the decay in the lives and views of politicians? If we are permitted to do so, how much is too much? The bible actually has quite a bit to say in response to these types of Christians. The most important question may be, “Is the Christian willing to affirm and align with what the bible has to say about our attitudes and actions concerning governmental authority? Additional resources are available at