Upsizing Your View of the Kingdom

Released February 4, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


If we only grasped the intense difference between a little-k & big-K view of God’s Kingdom, we would never settle for the lesser version of Christianity. What does it mean to upsize your understanding of God’s Kingdom? As long as we are saved, does it really matter if we are little-k’ers or big K’ers? Is my ministry, my family and my church rooted in the Kingdom or something less? What will Jesus say at the judgment seat to those who exchanged a kingdom for a Kingdom? In this Mavericks & Misfits episode, Jeff unapologetically exposes the differences between a hijacked, cultural view of God’s Kingdom versus a biblical, everlasting view of it. Listen and prepare to be motivated to press in to all that God has for you, refusing to settle for the diluted, compromised offer of Christianity that has infected the 20th & 21st century Church. Once you make up your mind that you will not remain someone who settles for less than Jesus purchased for you with His blood, you will be fueled-up and freed to step into the amazingly different realm of powerful, big-K Kingdom living. Additional resources are available at