CHANGES: Swapping Out Your Saul for David

Released February 9, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


God doesn’t have to ask permission. God doesn’t have to wait on an invitation. God never puts His sovereign plans on pause until we are comfortable. If you are living in the Kingdom, you are living under the promise of regular seasons of change. What are we to do when God ordains that something we presumed was permanent is now being swapped out for something else? People, places, assignments and relationships are all temporary in this life. Anything is subject to be changed by a wise, loving and highly precise God. Sometimes, when God wants to raise up a new King David in our lives, we tend to cling on to our former King Saul. In seasons of change, God requires our trust and our obedience. In this message, Jeff highlights the struggle of Samuel when God required him to move on from all he had invested in King Saul. From Samuel’s reluctance to accept the change of plans, we can look into a mirror and see our own struggle when God interrupts us and ordains a new direction. In the midst of this episode, Jeff shares with the audience a recent shift of intense magnitude in his own life and ministry. God is on the throne, and He sometimes decrees from that throne, “It is now time for a shift.”