Where Did the Prophets Go?

Released February 18, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


We should thank God for pastors and teachers who ground us in the Word and lead us as the flock of God. We should rejoice when apostolic mantles become evident on those in the Kingdom who will take new territory for the Kingdom and invite us to run with them into new Kingdom missions. Evangelists keep our hearts fresh with the passion of Jesus for the lost, forgotten, discarded and rejected. We need these men and women to lead in the Church. But where are the prophets? Where is the fresh voice of God that flames and boils in the hearts of men and women in our generation? Teachers can bring us light…but prophets bring the heat. In this Mavericks & Misfits episode, Jeff emphasizes and exhorts the Church to pray for a new crop of God-saturated prophets to arise in our generation. We are to watch for them, listen to them., weight their words and strongly align with the exhortations and rebukes which God sends to His true prophets. The Church has lost her appetite for the prophetic word, and we have consequently become lukewarm and, in some places, desensitized, paralyzed and fossilized. Prophets bring awakening and the listener may soon discern that God is calling you to emerge as a prophetic voice in your generation. Additional resources are available at TransformingTruth.org