Nadab & Abihu - Why Supernatural Encounter is Not Enough

Released February 23, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


What if you were handpicked by God and invited to ascend up a mountain to meet with Him in personal, visible supernatural encounter? You would be overwhelmed with that kind of immeasurable honor, right? Well, we would like to believe that that type of privilege would so radically change our lives that we would never again be the same.  But this actually happened to two men and, later on in their lives, they became causal with the stewarding the worship and presence of God. Sadly, Nadab and Abihu are famous for their failure to honor God…and paying the ultimate price because their own supernatural encounter with Him was not enough to produce holy awe and obedience from them. In this Mavericks & Misfits episode, Jeff calls the listener to consider what it truly means to live a life of supernatural encounter. We have become far too casual and flippant with how we handle the presumed presence of God. In Charismatic circles, we are in danger of treating the power and presence of Holy Spirit like a freakish side show in a spiritual circus. This episode summons us to learn from Nadab and Abihu's lives so that our own encounters with God produce holy awe, lasting reverence and deep obedience to the One who meets us on the mount. Additional resources are available at