Can We Love Our Bibles Too Much?

Released March 4, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Don't be shocked, but the answer is YES. We can actually love our bibles too much. Jesus is actually the one who taught us this startling truth. The two extremes that seem to mark the American church is 1) those who have little regard for the written word because they see it as religious, doctrinal suppression and 2) those who idolize the Scriptures and are unaware that they know the Book but not its Author. In this Mavericks & Misfits episode, Jeff uses the words of Jesus, who confronted the most conservative, moral and biblically educated people of His day. Jesus exposes their bibliolatry, and calls them to discern the difference between knowing the bible and knowing God. From His words, we can learn the dangers of assuming we are walking in authentic discipleship in the Spirit simply because we are pursuing academic scholarship in the Scriptures. These two things are not the same. This podcast will help you see if you are in danger of falling into this common trap and how to get free from it. Your heart longs for more than mastering a book about God. You were made to personally, intimately know God Himself. Additional resources are available at