The Desire & Destiny of Satan

Released May 12, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Many people understand and believe in a literal devil. The Bible teaches that he exists. Jesus was fully aware of the reality of Satan, and He battled Satan in the wilderness. But where did the devil come from? How did he become what he is today? In this episode of Mavericks & Misfits, Jeff unpacks two rare Old Testament passages that serve to reveal to us how Lucifer, a once-glorious angel in Heaven, became Satan, the evil dragon whom God cast out of Heaven and destined for destruction. If you know your enemy, you are better equipped to defeat him. If you can stay aware and confident in the final scene of Satan’s existence on earth, you would never fear him again - nor would you ever cooperate with his schemes. Here is the story that the devil hates to be told.  Additional resources are available at