Doing the Work of God in the Flesh

Released October 5, 2021 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


None of us wants to fail. We are super dependent upon God’s grace to be applied when we do stumble in our words, thoughts and actions. It is awesome to rest in the fact that when we sin, God’s grace will abound above our sin and get between us and the ultimate penalty. Yet, there is a clear understanding from Scripture that we often reap what we sow. It disheartens many Jesus-followers when they learn that sometimes there are unavoidable consequences for our actions. Moses learned that a long time ago. In this episode of Mavericks & Misfits, Jeff guides the listeners through a troubling moment in the leadership of Moses. God had used this man for amazing breakthrough. Toward the end of Moses’ ministry, however, he did some of God’s work in the power of the flesh and it cost him. What can we learn about our own callings, ministry and influence from this example? How are we finishing our race if it ended in this season? Holy Spirit will use this episode to stir you within in to double down and ensure that you fulfill the calling given to you by God. Additional resources are available at