Is That God’s Voice Or My Voice?

Released January 4, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


The Church needs to regain a grip of discerning whether or not God is speaking to us or whether we are speaking to ourselves. Prophetic Ministry among Charismatics needs a mini-reformation. We need to clean up things a bit. We cannot afford to go on speaking prophetically in the name of Jesus…only to find out that we were communicating our own ideas, imaginations, feelings and thoughts. God is speaking for sure, but it seems that He is not being heard over the constant chatter we ourselves are coming up with. In this episode of Mavericks & Misfits, Jeff starts off 2022 with a hard-hitting challenge to the Church to know the difference between our own voice and the voice of God. Even our best thoughts should not be allowed to have God’s name attached to them if He did not actually speak these things to us. Not every dream is God speaking. Not every visionary idea is sourced in the Lord. When God speaks – we must share it. When God is silent, we must be patient to wait until he begins to speak. Much is on the line in this area. We must do better. Topics: warfare, imaginations, ideas, sloppy prophecy, immature prophets, impatient prophets, finding a mate, finding a ministry, pastors and leaders, holy power   Additional resources are available at