Women In Ministry - The Big Picture

Released May 3, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 95: Women in Ministry - The Big Picture   So, where exactly do the daughters of God fit in New Testament Kingdom ministry? Does God welcome Christian women to do anything and everything that their brothers are assigned to do? What are we to make of the hot-button terms of egalitarian and complementarian? As Jeff begins to unpack this series of podcasts on the never-ending debate about women in ministry, he invites us to calm down, evict emotionalism on the topic and consider the big picture of what God’s Word declares about His use of His own daughters for His glory. From the Old Testament and into the New, we must learn what Scripture actually presents about our unchanged & unchanging God’s willingness to elevate His daughters to lead, speak and serve for His purposes. If we can intentionally consider these issues, we will be far better equipped to consider the two go-to passages for those who exclude women from leading and speaking in the Church. We all have opinions on this subject, but what does the whole of Scripture truly reveal about how God uses women in ministry?   More free video, audio and social media resources are available at TransformingTruth.org