Wimpy, Whiny, & Headed For Trouble

Released June 14, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 101: Wimpy, Whiny, & Headed For Trouble In American weddings the bride is typically delicate. She radiates a feminine beauty,and she is the focus of the entire wedding. Lace, flowers, stringed instruments, gently flickering candles...weddings are typically tender and delicate, and the bride is most sweet and precious element in the room.Not so, in the Kingdom. While His bride is beautiful and radiant, she is more of a warrior than a Cinderella. Or at least she is supposed to be.This episode of Mavericks & misfits challenges the listener to recognize that most Christians are entirely unprepared for what is coming. They are planning a wedding and forgetting the war which precedes it. Rather than giving a ton of instructionin this epeisode, Jeff Lyle sounds an alarm to help us extract ourselves from a self-centered, cultural quagmire and, instead, to stare at the King who is soonto mount his steed and return to conquer the cosmos. The Church in the West is entirely unprepared for what is coming, and we need to begin to sound the wake-up call so that nobody can deny that they were not summoned to attention before what is coming actually arrives. Listen to this one –not to be entertained. Listen with a heart ready to respond.