Straight Talk About Sexual Appetites

Released June 28, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 103: Straight Talk About Sexual Appetites   Any of you who are 45 years and older can remember a time when the American culture had some form of sexual boundaries that were (at least loosely) framed by Scripture. We all recognize those days are over and now there exists an entrenched demonic representation about what is permissible to give expression to human sexual appetites. Frankly, I’m not sure that anything is off-limits anymore. Perhaps the last realm that is not fully currently embraced is pedophilia. That will likely shift in the next few years unless there is an explosion of revival in the land. This podcast takes a biblical look of human sexual appetites and what Scripture endorses as a God-blessed means of expressing our sexuality. Crucial for single people is the call from God’s Word to pursue marriage as one means of fighting sexual temptation. For the sexually bound and broken, there is much hope in the Gospel of Christ. For the deceived, there is also much warning. This taboo-talk is the subject of today’s episode of #MavericksAndMisfits.