Getting Free From The Fear Of Man

Released July 19, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 106: Getting Free From The Fear Of Man Most of us prefer to be liked than disliked. We would rather experience acceptance than rejection. Normal and reasonable is the desire for us to fit into a larger community and to be warmly received, secured, loved, and affirmed within that community. There is not necessarily anything wrong with caring what people think of us. Being controlled by what people think of us is a different issue altogether. That corrosive activity in our hearts is attached to what the bible calls “the fear of man.” In today’s episode of #MavericksAndMisfitswe listen to the words of God Himself as He calls us all out of living to please other people or to gain their approval. This fear of man potential in us is not a personality issue –this is a soul-issue and we must overcome it through the Spirit. When people become too big to you, God will become small to you. He expects us to cooperate with Him to live entirely and permanently liberatedform the fear of manso that we can live joyfully and freely in the identity and purposeswhich He has assigned us.