Killing The Victim Mentality

Released August 16, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 110: Killing The Victim Mentality Christians typically live with one of two possible mindsets towards life: I am a victim who is helpless. I am a conqueror and overcomer. Our culture today feeds the instinct in most humans to deflect, blame others, shirk responsibility and avoid accountability for their lives. From media to government –and even some within the Church –there is a line of thinking that seeks to empower people to find excuses as to why they are not living a triumphant life. Once we adopt the belief that we are a perpetual victim of past or present forces, we embrace a lifestyle of defeat. Can this be consistent with what it means to be made alive by Jesus Christ and indwelt by the Holy Spirit? Absolutely not! In this episode of Mavericks and Misfits, Jeff powerfully calls us into accountability for our own lives and reasons with the listener concerning why they are empowered to live a life of victory, not victimhood. If you are comfortable in your misery, do not listen to this. If you want to escape your misery and defeat, listen to this episode...twice.