Why Your Opposition Will Fail

Released September 13, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 114: Why Your Opposition Will Fail Christians living for the glory of God will be assigned territory to claim for His glory. Sometimes this territory is geographical. Sometimes it is relational. Sometimes it is cultural. Regardless of how the territory is defined and assigned by God, the Christian life is one of Kingdom advancement.   And all of Hell will fight against that victory happening through you. This is why we need an impartation of holy, Spirit-filled confidence.   In this episode of #MavericksAndMisfits, Jeff challenges the listener to be emboldened in the will of God. What if you were called to believe that you were invincible as you walk out God’s will for your life? Joshua was told exactly that, and then he was able to impart that same truth to others. The result? Israel brought conquest to the promised territory wherein there were fortified cities, trained armies, and demonized opposition awaiting them. Joshua needed to hear from God at the onset that God would not let him fall. We need to hear the same thing, and today’s podcast is an ear-opener.