Milky: Stunted Spiritual Growth

Released November 1, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 121: Milky: Stunted Spiritual Growth Perhaps one of the most eroding forces in the Church today is the issue of prolonged spiritual infancy and adolescence. If a fourteen-year-old was known to still be breast-feeding, we would all discern that there is something terribly wrong with both the child and his/her mother. Yet, in the Kingdom, we cannot deny the reality of multitudes of Christians who have never graduated from milk to meat. Solid spiritual food is not for them. They prefer to be cuddled and nursed by others. Sadly, there is no shortage of pastors, preachers and podcasters that are willing to provide constant milk. From three passages of Scripture, this episode shows us the intensity of God’s heart about those among His children who refuse to move on from being bottle-fed. Jeff Lyle passionately calls us to consider where we are in our own journey, and then to embrace the non-negotiable expectation of Jesus that we all pursue individual spiritual maturity. This episode is fiery!