The Impossible Love

Released November 15, 2022 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 123: The Impossible Love The ways, works and words of Jesus are repeatedly revealed in Scripture in such a way that we feel compelled to both learn and emulate all that He says and does. Jesus’ sermons were sometimes piercing because He went into the depths of the heart instead of just dealing with our external behaviors. He doesn’t want us just to behave differently, He wants to transform our beliefs and our hearts so that, as we live like He did on earth, we do so with the same heart that He placed on display. One of His most challenging messages centered on how we love those who have wronged us. He challenged the way the normal culture taught people how to handle their enemies. He brings revelation about how God expects us to handle those who oppose us today. We are Kingdom Citizens, but we cannot claim to be like Jesus until we gain victory over this extremely challenging issue of becoming like Jesus when dealing with those who have treated us wrongly. In the end, the person who masters this teaching from Jesus enters a sustained maturity and victory that cannot otherwise be attained. Jesus does not budge on this expectation of drawing out the impossible love from His followers.