Word Curses & The Spirit Of Shimei

Released January 31, 2023 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 133: Word Curses & The Spirit Of Shimei Everyone who listens to this episode of Mavericks & Misfits will have an experience with their own personal Shimei. Do you know who this is? He is one of the most despicable people in all of the Bible. He was a partner with the devil in releasing demonic word curses against King David. From this painful snapshot in David’s life, we expose six categories of word curses and how they can impact us. Perhaps even more troubling, we may discover that we have sometimes played the role of Shimei in the life of others. For all who struggle with the voice of accusation and condemnation, today’s podcast will equip you to get free and move forward, never again agreeing with the word cursing voice of a Shimei in your life.