End Of The Age Finance

Released March 14, 2023 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 139: End Of The Age Finance   We all know that we won’t be taking any of our material wealth with us when we die. Whatever we earned and bought remains here on earth once we are taken into glory. Everyone understands that. Not everyone understands, however, that we can send our wealth ahead of us. The teachings of Jesus and His apostles make it abundantly clear that we are able to store up treasure in Heaven as we manage our earthly wealth in a way that honors Christ and His mission. A commitment to invest in God’s Kingdom with our finances results in our obtaining rewards in Heaven that can never be lost. So, how much is enough to give into the Kingdom? Are we permitted by God to have nice things and enjoy them while we are on earth? What about the tithe? What about religious manipulators who receive money in the name of God and then betray their donors? There is certainly a lot to consider when we discuss how Christians handle their money. One thing must not be forgotten: the end of the age is here, and our opportunities to invest in the Kingdom and store up treasure in Heaven are coming to an end.