The Mind: Renewal & Removal

Released October 17, 2023 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 169: The Mind: Renewal & RemovalIt is clear in Scripture that the world, the flesh, and the devil work in a concentrated effort to imprison people with deception. The difficult truth is that we do not rise above what we believe is true and prioritized. What we believe to be true owns us. While God has empowered us to defeat the enemies which seek to dominate our thinking, He expects us to personally and proactively enter into a strategy that secures the victory of the mind. This message equips us to know how to proactively protect our minds from deception. Once a believer masters these truths and the necessary disciplines that must accompany them, that same believer will know what it is to defeat demons, deception, and discouragement.