Hypocrites In The Church

Released January 2, 2024 by Mavericks & Misfits with Jeff Lyle


Episode 177: Hypocrites In The ChurchYou do not need an anointing of spiritual discernment to know that the Church has hypocrites within it. You do, however, need an anointing of biblical discernment to understand the difference between true hypocrites and true Christians who fail to always live up to the righteous standard that God offers us. If a Christian failing or sinning is ALWAYS evidence of hypocrisy, then you yourself would be a hypocrite. Fortunately, the bible clarifies for us the difference between a behavioral failure of a believer that is not equal to hypocrisy. This episode calls all of us to pursue lives of consistent righteousness while also giving us biblical definitions of what a Christian hypocrite actually is. You may discover that you have falsely labeled someone as a hypocrite who actually is a faithful believer who, like you, is seeking to wage war against all sin. This episode will be an eye-opener for many.