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VOUS Church with Rich Wilkerson VOUS Church with Rich Wilkerson Messages from Rich and Dawncheré Wilkerson, lead pastors of VOUS Church in Miami, FL — New episodes every Monday! Our vision is to reach our city and beyond with the life transforming message of Jesus. We hope that you are encouraged by this podcast. For more information about VOUS Church, please visit vouschurch.com. Churches


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    March 29, 2021 Splinters, Logs, and Doors — Palm Sunday — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Have you ever found yourself doing the same thing over and over again until it becomes second nature? But what if God is calling you to an unfamiliar place? In the final installment of the small faith collection of talks Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. sharpens our perspective on Jesus in the message “Splinters, Logs, and Doors.” Familiarity can serve as a stumbling block to our faith. Our faith in Jesus captures our hearts to be more attuned to the subtle whispers of the Holy Spirit. Instead of being clouded by the illusions of this world we can take a small amount of faith and put it in the right place and watch how God works in the unknown. Even in his time on earth, we witnessed as Jesus shifted the dynamic of the rooms he walked into and ignored his earthly desires to be comfortable and complacent.  Like Jesus, we can be countercultural in our pursuit and ensure that we don’t grow complacent on the journey.

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    March 22, 2021 What Can You Find? — Small Faith — Tim Timberlake

    When we find ourselves in challenging times, we can let fear and uncertainty overpower our trust in God. We question his abilities and oftentimes, as a result, we let it get in the way of our obedience. 

    As we continue our collection of talks ‘Small Faith,” Pastor Tim Timberlake shares a pivotal message titled “What Can You Find?” 

    The disciples had witnessed Jesus perform countless miracles, yet when they found themselves at a key turning point they still wondered how he would feed five thousand. Similarly, we too can ask how God will work a miracle in our lives when faced with fear. Even though the disciples questioned and maybe even hesitated, they still followed his instructions. When we choose to obey God despite our doubt, we unlock his blessings. Acting out in faith, no matter how small, is more than enough for him to work wonders.

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    March 14, 2021 Just Reach — Small Faith — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Jesus is within reach for anybody, you don’t have to be famous to have access to God’s power. Our reach is a prayer and his reach is an answer.

    In this installment of the “Small Faith” collection of talks Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. encourages us in a message, “Just Reach.” Here, we are reminded of our access to God’s solution through Jesus Christ.

    Oftentimes we believe we can succeed on our own strength, just as Jairus, ruler of the synagogue, had done in his life through influence and status. But Jairus and many others faced real problems. In the midst of the trials, Jesus was always within reach to heal and restore. This same Jesus who showed up for countless figures in the Bible is the same Jesus that can show up for us all. It’s on us to have even the smallest faith to reach out for help to our ever-present savior.

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    February 15, 2021 Relationship Baggage - Unpacked — Rich & DawnCheré Wilkerson Jr.

    Relationships can be complicated, nonetheless they’re part of the joy of our lives. As we celebrate Valentine's Day, Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson share “Relationship Baggage Unpacked,” helping us confront the hang-ups that weigh down our relationships.
    Feelings are amazing but they come and go so our relationships can’t be built on them. Pillars of a solid relationship are respect and forgiveness, but boundaries are needed to help cultivate growth.
    In our relationships, we’ll never forget that it is Jesus, our firm foundation, who makes each person whole. When we allow him to change us from the inside out, we’ll flourish as individuals and within our relationships too.

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    February 8, 2021 The Point of Change — Changes — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Change is undoubtedly a part of our lives that God calls us to walk through. It helps us grow and improve, if we don’t resist it.
    In this continuation of the “Changes” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. preaches that the “Point of Change” is not to merely look different but to be different.
    Too often we get caught up in telling a great story that we miss out on living it. If we’re distracted or consumed with looking perfect, we can miss out on God’s blessings. It's up to us to posture our perspective and attitude to one of humility so we don’t miss the point of it all. When we get in line with Jesus, true transformation happens.

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    January 18, 2021 The Cost of Change — Changes —Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Making a decision to change your life with faith forward is something to celebrate. We may look forward to exciting new opportunities and improved results.
    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. gives us an expectation of what it looks like to create prolonged and meaningful transformation in the message “The Cost of Change” from the collection of talks “Changes”.
    Once we begin to step into our new habits, we must be committed to the price of this transformation. Temptation and setbacks are sure to come our way, but when we are loyal to the mission, we will see full spiritual restoration.

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    January 4, 2021 New Me, Who's This? — Manouchka Charles

    Have you ever been looking for something and you walked right past it because it didn’t look the same as before? Could this be God’s plan for your life when others see you?In a message kicking off the new year, Pastor Manouchka Charles  helps us cast vision for 2021 in the message “New Me, Who’s This?”When God wants to do something new in our lives, we have to rid ourselves of our old ways. Complete transformation comes through aligning ourselves with God and surrendering all that is unlike him. As we remove, God replaces, with a double portion of blessing. People may not recognize the version of you that is clothed in godly strength and humility but this is the "new" that God wants for you.

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    December 28, 2020 Reflect Sunday — VOUS Team

    As a church, we’ve decided to take this last Sunday to rest and reflect, and boy, has 2020 given us a lot to think about.
    Join the VOUS Team looking back on all the good that has happened in the life of VOUS Church this year. We hope this walk through memory lane inspires you to reminisce on your own good times.
    Though this marks the last Sunday of the year, we know the future is bright. Thank you for walking the journey with us. Onward to 2021!

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    December 21, 2020 Gods Dysfunctional Family — Christmas With Vous — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    When we read into the lineage of Jesus it is clear that the build up to the Christmas story was far from perfect.In a Christmas special, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks on the subject “God’s Dysfunctional Family” to let us know that God is not afraid of our humanity.Regardless of our bloodline and personal histories, our value comes from our association with Jesus. Don’t let the rejection of others override the approval of God. He is ready to make something beautiful out of our messy stories.

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    December 14, 2020 To God Be The Glory — Play the Long Game — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Seeds are rarely raved about, perhaps it’s because it’s the fruit that signal a miracle. But as believers we must recognize that our God sows blessings in seed format and produces a harvest all for his glory. In a final installment of the “Play the Long Game” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. preaches “To God Be The Glory” where we are reminded every seed we plant today can tell generations to come of the goodness of our savior. It is the work ethic of proper seed sowing, planting, and tending that produces longevity of a vision. Through consistent care and generosity, we can be encouraged that others beyond our generation will reap from the harvest.

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    December 7, 2020 Can You See It? — Play The Long Game —DawnCheré Wilkerson

    The “see it to believe it” mindset clashes with the faith-filled patience required for believers. In fact, our belief in God hinges on our trust in the very thing we do not see.Although the world would offer us an encyclopedia of excuses to lose sight of what God is trying to do, through faith we are offered a glimpse at the bigger picture. In an installment of the “Play The Long Game” collection, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson opens our eyes in the talk “Can You See It?”In this long game, when we don’t see our dreams come to fruition instantly, we can fix our eyes on the one who can. Whether we can see it or not our faith is the very assurance that propels us to a hopeful future.

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    November 29, 2020 Long Walk Home — Play The Long Game — Earl McClellan

    You may find yourself in a distant place and unsure of how to get back home. Many times we haven’t lost our way, but rather think we are too far to return.
    As we continue the collection “Play the Long Game,” Pastor Earl McClellan talks on a “Long Walk Home,” reminding us that we are never too far away.
    Wherever we may find ourselves God’s loving arms are always waiting to run towards us. Once he embraces us and restores us we should never forget that people along our path helped us get back. Let us never grow so comfortable as to not leave our homes and help others that are on their way. God is ridiculously generous toward us. Let us be the same towards others.

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    November 16, 2020 A Just Cause — Vision Sunday — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Know that when it comes to God’s preparation, design, and plan for your life, it is never rushed and never delayed. It is done with excellence. Sometimes, this timing is longer than what you had planned. In a culture that glorifies instant gratification, it can seem painful and counterintuitive to accept.
    Kicking off the new series and vision for 2021, “Play the Long Game”, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares  “A Just Cause”, which lays out a safety net for enduring the setbacks and hardships in reaching goals and growth throughout life.
    Enduring the hardship requires commitment to our Godly calling. Further, when we prepare for the battle, manage the monotony, and continue to clarify our calling, we can be confident that we will not just endure, but be more than conquerors stepping in to our future.

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    November 9, 2020 Loud But Little — Endure — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Our present suffering can push us to wonder, “Are we there yet?” It’s a question full of anxious expectation.
    In the encouraging message, “Loud, but Little” from the “Endure” collection of talks, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares that God’s loving response to our question is, “In a little while.”
    Jesus tells his followers that the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking to devour our very lives. But while Satan can talk a big game, he doesn’t have the power to overtake us - Jesus has already won the battle for us.
    So, let’s not be distracted by the intimidating roars coming from our temporary oppressions, for in a little while, God will bring the restoration we have been seeking.

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    November 2, 2020 Humility Looks Good On You — Endure — Manouchka Charles

    The world often teaches us to chase after recognition, to be top in our class and chase after fancy titles. But Jesus, the greatest man in history, had none of the above, but still gave his all. In a convicting installment of the Endure collection, Pastor Manouchka Charles prompts us to check our hearts in the message “Humility Looks Good on You.” Humility looks the best on us when we decide to firmly put our pride to the side. When we choose to make God our number one, his glory is on full display in us. We tend to look and act differently when we clothe ourselves with humility! We quickly realize that God can move through us when we mark our lives with humbleness. So when deciding on what to wear, let’s dress for success, clothing ourselves in the promises of God with an extra layer of humility!

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    October 25, 2020 The Road To Glory — Endure — Dakota Duron

    Life is like one big road trip, accompanied by pit stops and speed bumps along the way. At times we can find ourselves questioning our destination. Yet, despite the unknown road, we can allow God to set our paths straight and use all things for his glory. 
    In a message from the “Endure” collection, Pastor Dakota Duran highlights “The Road to Glory.” As believers, we are called to glorify and honor God in all that we do. Although we have different spiritual gifts we can be faithful stewards of what God has granted us and find innovative ways to maximize his ministry.
    God’s glory isn’t just reserved for Sundays, as we love deeply and remain faithful we are posturing ourselves to serve others. Serving God’s people is the byproduct of his grace and the ultimate way we give Him the glory

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    October 18, 2020 How To Suffer Well— Endure —Rich Wilkerson

    When it rains it pours! Yet thankfully when the roof caves in we don’t have to suffer alone. 
    In an installment of the Endure collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. illustrates “How to Suffer Well.” We are reminded that our source of hope is not the absence of suffering but the presence of our savior.
    When pressure hits us on the outside we can rely on the peace that is planted on the inside. As the Church, we can lead the way being a symbol to the world that a life with Jesus is not a life free of suffering but a life full of endurance.

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    October 11, 2020 5 Keys to Relationship Endurance — Endure — Rich & DawnCheré Wilkerson

    The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships. We can’t win in life if we’re not winning in our relationships—and the enemy wants to keep them broken.
    In “5 Keys to Relationship Endurance,” part of the “Endure” collection of talks, Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson share how to be mission-minded in our relationships. The world sees the love of Jesus through our relationships.
    When we steward our marriages, celebrate the strengths of those we’re in relationship with, let our behaviors show our beliefs, and put our hope in the eternal, God will be glorified.

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    October 4, 2020 Please Excuse The Mess — Endure — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Life can often feel like a construction zone with tons of caution signs, detours, and debris. Don’t fret and don’t quit, God has a vision for your life that he is shaping from the rubble.

    In an installment of the “Endure” collection,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. reminds us in the talk “Please Excuse the Mess” that endurance of the faith journey, requires us to know we are constantly under construction.

    So what do we when it feels like we don’t measure up? Or when the construction project doesn’t have a foreseeable end? Just stick with Jesus. It’s our daily walk with him that makes all the difference. Our relationship with the living Stone-a firm foundation, will purify our hearts and sustain us in becoming a people of great endurance.

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    September 27, 2020 Ever Since... — Endure — DawnCheré Wilkerson

    Through trial and triumph, life marks us. Over the years, there are defining moments, incidents, and milestones that present an opportunity for us to reflect.

    Pastor DawnCheré shares that what truly defines us as Christ-followers is the presence of God in this second installment, “Ever Since...“, of the “Endure” collection. 

    The ultimate “ever since” moment of history, Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave, makes it so that every disappointment holds divine redemption. Our living hope hinges on every act of our Savior. We can live holy lives because he lived a holy life. So, let it be our call to action to reflect Jesus.

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    September 21, 2020 How To Carry Pain — Endure — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Life is not always about conquering, often it’s simply about enduring. Even as we are called to be more than conquerors, we are also called to stand firm. Kicking off the “Endure” collection of talks, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. demonstrates “How To Carry Pain” and walk in purpose as the Church. The inevitability of pain can either lead us into conformity or push us into the hope, help, and healing found in Jesus. When we remember we are God’s chosen misfits, we can see that the chaos around us does not have to get inside of us.

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    September 13, 2020 Preach To Your Problem — 5 Year Anniversary — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    You may think your circumstance is crushing you but what if it’s actually pulling you closer to God’s heart? Although celebration doesn’t seem like the natural response in the face of problems, we serve the God that can speak through our pain.

    In a 5 year celebratory message, pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. empowers us through the talk, “Preach to your Problem”. Undoubtedly,  life brings many challenges but God’s grace is always sufficient through the speed bumps.

    Our fears may create mountains, but our faith smoothens them into valleys. When we decide to stand firm in our commitment to trust God, our mountains become the materials for our miracle.

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    September 6, 2020 Dear 2020, — Day by Day — Manouchka Charles

    A note to everyone living in 2020, God is not done with your story yet. It’s not time to pack up the vision board, but instead to look at it with a fresh perspective, one of hope in God’s enduring promises.

    In the final installment of the “Day by Day” collection, Pastor Manouchka Charles shares “Dear 2020,” a talk about the faithfulness of God and his ability to work miracles through the habits we choose to develop.

    God is not in a rush, nor has our purpose been delayed. This is the year where we can come out stronger. Now more than ever, the world is in need of the Church to move forward in faith. A church with a heart modeled in the image of God. Through daily disciplines, we can radiate the love and hope that is Jesus. 

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    August 30, 2020 This Must Be the Place — Day by Day — DawnCheré Wilkerson

    Did you know celebration is a spiritual discipline that can be cultivated daily? It may seem counterintuitive to rejoice in hardship, but Jesus promises to be our source of strength and joy when our flesh is weak. When we lean on the Lord, we begin to walk in faith, and our perspective changes for the better.

    In an installment of the Day by Day collection, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson shares “This Must Be the Place,” showing that celebration is central to every other discipline in our lives as we follow Jesus. We are given a picture that celebration is a process of transformation from the inside out. 

    As we choose to celebrate our values, we step into a place of trust and obedience. It is a great exchange in which God gives us gladness for mourning and beauty for ashes. These daily transactions not only renew our heart and strength but allow us to see the fruit that was in our lives all along. 

    Take a moment to declare today, “This is the best day of my life!” and see how God shifts what is happening on the inside of you.

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    August 23, 2020 The Mission of Submission — Day By Day — Adrian Molina

    While the ways of the world point us to gain control over our life Jesus calls us to trust him with every detail. How do we as believers loosen our grip on the things we hold so tight? Through submission, a daily practice of surrender that prompts us to fully release all of our desires into the hand of our savior.

    Continuing the collection of talks, “Day by Day”, Pastor Adrian Molina opens our eyes to the importance of obedience in the message, “The Mission of Submission”. Here we are given a picture of what submission looks like in our daily lives.

    Jesus wants us to experience the positive ramifications of submission and find contentment in trusting his sovereignty. We can pick up our cross daily and acknowledge that when we get under the authority of the Lord, we can overcome every battle.

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    August 9, 2020 The Reason Why We Sing — Day by Day — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Have you ever thought about why we sing worship songs? As the Church, we don’t do it to remind God of who he is, rather, to remind of us who God is and who we are in him. It is more than a single act during a Sunday service it is a lifestyle. 

    In this message, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. reveals “The Reason Why We Sing” from the collection “Day by Day.” He explains that when we worship, it serves as an action on the offensive against the lies of the enemy. Cutting out the lies magnifies God’s enduring love. 

    In God’s presence, we experience everlasting peace. As we worship we fix our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith.

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    August 2, 2020 The Power of Solitude — Day By Day — DawnCheré Wilkerson

    Do you find yourself hiding away rather than taking thoughtful time to reflect and listen? Instead of isolation, intentionally turn toward solitude, drawing closer to hear God’s voice.

    In this message, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson reveals the “Power of Solitude” from the collection “Day by Day” unfolding a deeper connection with God.

    We can experience the fullness of God’s grace by accepting his holy invitation to pause and focus on his presence. Scheduling time for God to speak allows us to pick up our God-given weapon of peace and wage a war of faith.

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    July 26, 2020 3 Ways to Meditate — Day By Day — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Meditation is hitting life’s brakes in order to pause and ponder. It is choosing to breathe and listen to God in the midst of chaos. 
    In this teaching, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. unpacks “3 Ways to Meditate” from the collection “Day by Day.”
    Although the pace and patterns of our culture encourage a lifestyle of busier, bigger, and faster, when we meditate on the word of God we realize the importance of operating in faith.
    It all starts in the mind. Taking the time to meditate on God’s word through prayer, reflection and posture remind us that God’s timeline transcends our own.  

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    July 19, 2020 Bread, Bullets and Bandages — Day By Day — Rich Wilkerson Jr

    When we read the Bible with the intent to discover Jesus, we recognize the word of God is the person of Jesus Christ. Loving Jesus means studying his word day in and day out, to be equipped for all seasons.

    In a continuation of the “Day By Day” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shows us the fulfillment found as we lean on God’s word in the talk “Bread, Bullets and Bandages.” The daily practice of studying the Bible is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

    Just as food is vital for our bodies, the word of God is essential for our spiritual survival. As we rely on God’s word, we will find that it sustains us daily, enables us to combat the lies of the enemy, and brings healing from the inside out.

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    July 12, 2020 Developing A Prayer Habit — Day By Day – Rich Wilkerson Jr

    The activities we participate in daily become our habits. As we continuously practice prayer, it becomes our natural response to life.
    Continuing the collection of talks “Day By Day” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. teaches us the power of communicating with God in the message “Developing A Habit Of Prayer.” Prayer is transformational and allows us to get in alignment with God’s will.
    A good relationship stands on a foundation of strong communication. When we lean into the practice of prayer, we are transformed and our relationship with God deepens. Through conversation with God, we place our trust in him and receive his peace which surpasses all understanding.

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    July 5, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr– Day By Day: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

    Seasons of uncertainty can leave us with many questions and very few answers. A recurring thought is how can we simply survive trying times?
    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. kicks off a new collection of talks “Day by Day” with the message “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do” encouraging us to take our cares to Jesus.
    God doesn’t want us to just get by, he wants us to master every season. Our habits play a major part in our spiritual growth and our ability to thrive. As we keep prayer, God’s word, and community as our instinctive response God’s presence will be evident in our lives.
    The key to enduring is found in what we do daily. When we practice our faith, God performs miracles.

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    June 28, 2020 DawnCheré Wilkerson — Hello New World, Hello New Heart

    2020 seems to be a reckoning year for issues of the heart. It presents yet another opportunity for God to search our hearts and see if they are divided, hard as stone, or completely open to him.
    In her timely message “Hello, New World. Hello, New Heart.” Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson shares that God offers us the possibility of a new heart.
    Our challenge today is to make our professed theology match up with our practiced theology. But it will be an impossible task with hearts divided or hardened. And it will be even more impossible for us to change our hearts ourselves—we’ve been so designed by God that only he can bring the healing we need.
    It will take our wholehearted surrender to God to bring the sudden shift we’ve been desperate for.

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    June 21, 2020 A Father’s Day conversation with Rich Wilkerson Jr., Dharius Daniels & Chad Veach

    We celebrate dads when we honor, respect, and appreciate the investment they put into our lives.
    Listen in on the conversation between Pastors Chad Veach, Dharius Daniels, and Rich Wilkerson Jr. as they reflect on all things dad. They share that the gift of love a father gives his children is always greater than what he can receive. It’s the potential of every dad to reflect the love of our Heavenly Father as they step into their role as family leaders.
    The best coaches in life are dads. They give priceless cues to navigate our journey. A father’s responsibility should not be taken for granted, but cherished. So, cheers to all the fathers out there, especially to our Father God!

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    June 14, 2020 Dr. Dharius Daniels - The Church Has Left The Building

    In the powerful VOUS Conf Live Sunday message, “The Church Has Left the Building,” Pastor Dharius Daniels shows us that God created and equipped us with the spiritual gifts that will be needed for the problems that exist during the age we’re on Earth.
    Even though we may be caught off guard by the events going on in our world, God is not surprised, and he built us for a time like this.
    Just as the Samaritan helped the man who had been robbed, bandaging his wounds and taking care of him, Jesus commands us to, “Go and do likewise.”

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    May 31, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — I Know a Ghost

    Having a helper is a good thing right? After all, two is better than one. But what happens when that helper is someone you cannot see? How do you know your helper will come through for you in a bind? The Holy Spirit counsels us to act according to the fruits of his spirit.
    In this compelling talk “I Know a Ghost,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares the origin of Pentecost Sunday and explains the eternal attributes of the Holy Spirit who empowers us to do God’s will.
    Jesus loves us so much that even when he died for us, the story did not end there. Jesus went to heaven and then poured out his spirit to stay alongside us, so we could faithfully navigate life's ups and downs.

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    May 24, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — The Story You Tell Yourself: You'll Live To Tell Your Story

    Even though the apostle Paul faced affliction after affliction, the story he told himself was based on faith in God instead of resentment over his suffering.

    In “You'll Live To Tell Your Story,” part of “The Story You Tell Yourself” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. reveals how we can shift our perspective with Christ-centered whys.

    Following Jesus is not the elimination of suffering—it is the addition of his comfort. If we didn’t go through hardships and pressure, we would never know God was a deliverer.

    Our struggles create our stories. Sometimes God lets us hit rock bottom so we can discover he’s the rock at the bottom.

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    May 17, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — The Story You Tell Yourself: How To Ruin Happily Ever After

    God has given us all the gift to create narratives with vivid imaginations. Imagination has been key in birthing resourcefulness throughout human history. But is it possible our ability to create stories might be a double-edged sword?

    During the talk “How to Ruin Happily Ever After,” from the “The Story You Tell Yourself” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. cautions us to be mindful of the stories we create of one another.

    Enabling peace in our relationships requires creating, communicating, and evaluating expectations that are known, achievable, and agreed upon. But even when we fall short, we have another tool to rely on in difficult times⁠—an enduring trust in Jesus. Our belief in him always leads us to discover happily ever after.

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    May 10, 2020 Dawncherè Wilkerson — The Story You Tell Yourself: The Soundtrack to Your Story

    There’s power in a great soundtrack. They silence distractions, help set the scene, and are the unsung heroes of any story.
    In “The Soundtrack of Your Story,” part of “The Story You Tell Yourself” collection, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson shows us how we can turn the soundtrack of our lives into worship for a God that listens.

    David wrote songs to God in every season of his life. Though the soundtrack of his story varied, whether he was in the valley or the mountaintop, the one he was talking to never changed.

    As you talk to Jesus, he talks to you. And the Holy Spirit reminds you of all that Jesus said while he was here.
    What’s the soundtrack to your story?

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    May 3, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — The Story You Tell Yourself: A Different Story

    For the plot twists in life, we can never fully prepare. However, that truth doesn't leave us hopeless. We can prepare for how we respond to the page-turners of our story.
    In "The Story You Tell Yourself: A Different Story," Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. urges us to face facts with faith.
    Faith consists of believing before seeing. Yet how do we actively face facts with faith? We do so by speaking positive despite the negative. We do
    so by speaking life and believing that although the promises aren't being fulfilled today that they will be tomorrow.
    Let’s live in faith and clear the fog off our lenses to focus on God's word of a promised land awaiting

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    April 26, 2020 Dawncherè Wilkerson — The Story You Tell Yourself: Two Sides To Every Story

    In every scenario we find ourselves, there's a push and pull. At once we are held taught and stretched by the events of daily life swirling around us. Our challenge is to remain flexible enough that we don’t snap but remain solid.
    In “The Story You Tell Yourself: Two Sides to Every Story,” Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson invites us to strike a balance despite pressures because we have God-given ability to overcome.
    Palm trees are fascinating. As they grow tall, top-heavy with leaves and fruit, they stand firm even as they face hurricane winds. The beautiful trees have a lesson in duality to share. We can be both solid and flexible to better endure the forces that come our way. Fragility doesn't need to lead to a complete break. Instead, we can stretch and remain rooted in the strength God has given us.

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    April 19, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — The Story You Tell Yourself: That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It

    There’s nothing like being drawn into a good story. From superhero adventures to comedies, stories have a way of touching our hearts.
    “The Story You Tell Yourself” collection kicks off with an enlightening talk by Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., “That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It.”
    Compelling stories are composed of characters, settings, plots, conflicts, and resolutions. In our story called “Life” the author is also the hero who brings about the final resolution. When we understand the story of the gospel, we are able to securely fit our characters into the parts God has asked us to play.

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    April 12, 2020 Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. - To Hell & Back - In Other News

    Flipping through the channels, it’s no secret that as we turn to the news we get flooded with heavy stories. Yet within the sea of chaos, there is good news to be proclaimed.
    In an Easter finale of the “To Hell & Back” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. stirs our faith with the talk “In Other News."
    Reality is, bad reports will always be circulating, but we can choose to listen to the announcement of a resurrected savior. We as believers can stand remembering that although there is devastation, Jesus is alive and we can get through anything.
    In a world driven by drama and trends, we can turn down the volume on fear and turn it up on the hopeful truths found in God’s word.

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    April 11, 2020 Pastor Rich and Pastor Dawncherè Wilkerson - VOUS Good Friday At Home

    It seemed simple enough. To eat and drink in honor of the one who had changed their worlds. Little did the disciples know that they’d be first to take part in a moment to be celebrated in Christian households for years to come.
    In this “VOUS Good Friday at Home,” sing with VOUS Worship and listen to Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson share about the sacrifice of God’s perfect Son. Together, we’ll practice Jesus’ words, “do this in remembrance of me.”

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    April 6, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — To Hell and Back: What Are You Washing?

    Have you ever been asked to serve in a capacity you just didn’t see fit? From washing feet to saving lives there was no act of service our savior would pass up in return for a relationship with us.
    In an uplifting continuation of the “To Hell and Back” collection Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. calls us to check our heart in the message “What Are You Washing?”
    Jesus made it plain that his commission was not to receive anything rather give everything he had, even his life. Although his days were numbered, Jesus left us with the practical truth that as we humbly are of service to others we will receive the abundance of his love.

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    March 30, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — To Hell and Back: The Gratitude Effect

    When was the last time you stood in appreciation of God’s modern-day blessings? From indoor plumbing to connective technology, we can’t deny his hand constantly showing up.

    In a faith stirring continuation of the collection “To Hell & Back,” pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares a message titled “The Gratitude Effect.” Reminding us that thankfulness should be our natural response.

    Even the savior of the world knew the power of thankfulness was the solution to worry, fear, anger, and anxiety. It is even possible that some of the world’s greatest problems can be combatted with gratitude. Like Jesus, we have the ability to portray gratitude, knowing that one seed of appreciation can have everlasting results.

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    March 23, 2020 Dawncheré Wilkerson — To Hell and Back: Oh, How the Tables Have Turned

    Just one encounter can flip what was once ordinary to extraordinary. Such a turn of events can change our identity and we’ll never leave the same.
    Continuing the collection of talks, “To Hell & Back” Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson stirs our faith in the message titled “Oh, How the Tables Have Turned.”

    Healing the sick, correcting the Pharisees, and reminding the people that his Father’s house was one of prayer, he flipped tables before any reality star thought it was a good idea.

    We are in the midst of a time that feels like tables are turned, but rest assured that Jesus is in the business of flipping lives. Instead of having an attachment to our normal routines we can allow ourselves to experience true reformation by allowing Christ to have his way and turn our tables for better.

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    March 16, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Flatten The Curve

    The coronavirus has shifted daily reality and caused uncertainty. But we can choose peace over worry, faith over fear. God is never distant, he offers us abundant comfort.
    In the message “Flatten the Curve” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares that while the world gravitates toward physical isolation we can draw close to God through spiritual recalibration.
    As a community, we don’t have to let panic drive our actions. We can rise to the occasion by remaining committed to worship, prayer, and hearing the word. These will help us answer to our higher calling of flattening the curve of sin.

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    March 9, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — To Hell and Back: Your Burden is Your Blessing

    An accomplishment unmet with resistance is no accomplishment at all. It is a truth we can forget while building a purpose-filled life, that greatness walks hand in hand with challenge.
    "To Hell and Back: Your Burden is Your Blessing" is a reminder from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. not to back down in the face of adversity.
    What if the very thing we see as a set back is actually a set up for God to do something great? Despite feeling burdened we can choose to walk in obedience to what God is calling us to do, knowing it will result in a blessing.
    For Jesus, the burden of the cross paled in comparison to the triumph of our salvation. So, as we take on life’s challenges we can be confident that we don't carry them on our own.

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    March 5, 2020 Worship is More Than a Song — VOUS Conference 2019 Breakout with DOE & Mariah McManus

    Song writing is story writing. A song from the heart has a way of revealing the truth of God’s love.
    In the 2019 VOUS Conference breakout session “Worship is More Than a Song,” Grammy-award winner DOE Jones and Mosaic MSC lead singer Mariah McManus have a heart to heart with Manouchka Charles on the beauty of worship.
    When we think worship, it’s all about God. While some are particularly blessed with the ability to present God’s story through song, we must remember it is important for us all to represent his image in the best possible way.
    Our worship is expressed in different ways, but the value in sharing is the fire sparking inspiration our one of a kind worship brings to others.

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    February 24, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Dawncheré Wilkerson - Asking For A Friend - 4 Questions Every Couple Should Answer

    Life is full of choices from choosing our Crew to choosing our spouse. We can feel out of control yet we might have more power than we think.
    In a continuation of the “Asking for a Friend” collection, Pastors Rich and DawnCheré Wilkerson team up to propose “4 Questions Every Couple Should Answer.”
    Truthfully, we are the product of our choices which are the driving force for how we build our relationships. We have the opportunity to be proactive by asking healthy questions to lay the groundwork to our interactions with each other.
    Although conflict is inevitable we get to choose to fight for life rather than fight against each other. The good news is that we can look to God’s perfect design to govern our relationships.

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    February 20, 2020 VOUS CONFERENCE 2019 — VOUS TEAM: It's Not Babysitting, It's Leadership Development

    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    There is a lot packed in the saying, “children are the future.” After all, a child’s nurturing has the potential to shape their mindset long into adulthood.
    During the VOUS Conference 2019 breakout ”It’s Not Babysitting, It's Leadership Development,” VOUS Kids Director Blaire Duron sits with servant leaders to talk about stewarding next-generation leaders.
    Kid care is not limited to looking after a child while their parent attends church service, it is instructing the child to walk in the path of Jesus. We can constructively and creatively sow into the lives of children a love for God's kingdom. As the children under our care develop and grow in their talents and passion for God, we'll discover that we are doing just the same.

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    February 17, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Asking For A Friend - 4 Secrets of a Secure Woman

    Beauty is culturally praised but it does not equate to security. Secure individuals have an unshakable sense of who they are. Their confidence enables them to build strong connections.
    During the message, “4 Secrets to a Secure Woman,” from the collection of talks “Asking for a Friend,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shows us four truths women should lean into to lead happy and healthy relationships.

    Learning from Proverbs 31 we discover a secure woman knows her worth. She holds on tightly to God's promises, which teach her to rely on her inner beauty and character. She understands external charm inevitably fades, but fearing the Lord produces beauty beyond the eye, adding peace and value to the lives of those who surround her.

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    February 15, 2020 Craig Groeschel — Team Conference 2019: All Systems Go

    Goals do not determine success, systems do. There are systems to everything we do, and they are a direct result of what we've created or simply tolerated.
    During Session 2 of Team Conference 2019, Pastor Craig Groeschel gives leadership a talk on implementing systems in day to day life. For us to evolve in both our goals and our relationship with God, we must consider the systems we create.
    Systems support behaviors, which enable habits, that then deliver outcomes. Be encouraged to know that as you faithfully commit to a healthy system, God will be by your side helping you become all he intended you to be.

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    February 6, 2020 Jason Kennedy and Carl Lentz — VOUS CONFERENCE 2019: Making Your Faith Attractive

    We become culture carriers for the sake of sharing the message of Christ. But exactly how do we effectively share the gospel with love?
    During the VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session "Making Your Faith Attractive," Jason Kennedy and Pastor Carl Lentz give suggestions on maximizing the appeal of our faith journey.
    When sharing faith, we ought to be mindful of how we approach others, caring to understand their point of view. And we can step out of our comfort zone since Jesus, our highest example, engaged with people who were on the fringes of different cultures. With a willingness to be vulnerable, influence can only grow. So let us continue generously sharing the truth with those who are willing to spend their time with us.

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    January 30, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Team Leaders Meeting: Becoming A Leader

    The inevitable process of growing happens to every person, whether they want it to or not. As Christians, each and every one of us is called to grow in the direction of leadership. A question to ask ourselves is not “Am I growing?” but “What direction am I growing in?”
    At the first Team Leaders Meeting of the year, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. breaks down the topic ”Becoming a Leader” through the study of the greatest leader in the world, Jesus Christ.
    Jesus lived a life of unity, selflessness, humility and obedience. When we choose to follow the example of Jesus we can impact the world around us for the better, becoming the leader God created us to be.

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    January 24, 2020 Becoming: A Guided Prayer Journey — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    The only thing more important than who we are today, is who we are becoming tomorrow.
    As we close out our collection entitled "Becoming" Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr walks us through a guided prayer journey that reminds us who we are in Christ as we align ourselves with Him.

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    January 23, 2020 VOUS Team — VOUS Conference: It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    Whether you are a photographer, writer, designer, or creator of any sort, the way your message is communicated is just as important as the content it carries.
    During the VOUS Conference 2019 breakout “It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It,” VOUS Creative Director Sam Gualtieri and the creative department share on effective storytelling and provide practical resources that can be applied in a church, workplace, or community setting.
    Jesus used parables to connect with people and present a compelling way for people to have a better life. In the same way, we can use the power of storytelling.
    Stories set up the framework for what you want to say. Regardless of your experience, you may find yourself with a message you’re looking to share with the world, learn how to direct the narrative to positively impact culture.

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    January 20, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Becoming: Work Your Weakness

    Often times weakness is seen as failure, yet God would disagree. In fact, God gravitates towards our shortcomings.
    Continuing the “Becoming” collection of talks, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. encourages us in the message, “Work Your Weakness.” In the journey of becoming, within our struggles we find God’s grace.
    As we expose our vulnerabilities, God begins to bridge the gap between who we are today and who he has called us to be. Bringing light to our insecurities allows God to heal the areas we once disguised.

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    January 16, 2020 VOUS Conference 2019: Building A Healthy Organization — VOUS Team

    The grass isn't greener on the other side is a familiar piece of advice. But knowing the grass is greener where you water it is true wisdom.
    VOUS Staff Adrian Molina, Chris Lopez, and Nick Del Vento engage in candid conversation in their “Building A Healthy Organization” VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session.
    A key to laying a strong foundation for any organization is establishing values. Values help shape who we are and who we always want to be. Making good use of programs, data, and platforms to keep everyone coordinated is also important.
    To maintain a group's progress, go back to the beginning. Remembering what it took to establish a community and how it arrived at its current form, is always impactful. Creating an ecosystem in which encouragement, remembrance, and values are constant helps to promote a healthy and growing organization.

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    January 13, 2020 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Becoming: Its a Phase

    A new year universally symbolizes a time of transformation from one chapter of life to another. Just as our lives continuously develop, our walk with God can be viewed similarly.

    In “Becoming: It’s a Phase," Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares a revealing message about the stages we go through when we are discovering our purpose.

    The journey of becoming is not a one-time deal. Experience teaches us life progresses in stages and when progress occurs, so does growth. Our encounter with God causes a shift from simply knowing about him to having a personal relationship with him.

    Additionally, being grounded in a supportive community can help establish our values, equip our serving, and empower our generosity. As we transition to become God’s ambassadors, it is our duty to make disciples and further his kingdom in every phase of life.

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    January 10, 2020 VOUS CONFERENCE 2019: Why You Should Stop Trying To Change Your City — VOUS Team

    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    The Great Commission tells us to go out into all the world and make disciples. This world-changing endeavor has a clear starting point in the city God has placed us.
    During the VOUS Conference 2019 breakout "Why You Should Stop Trying to Change Your City," Manouchka Charles invites servant leaders Benny Salas and Joke Dada in a conversation on how VOUS Church makes its mark in the community through VOUS Care and our monthly I Love My City Projects.
    How does the local church steward the city when there are so many souls to reach? While we may not reach everybody, when we do something, we will reach somebody. Our greatest resource is our availability, our willingness to be engaged and take part in the work God is already doing.
    Outreach is an opportunity for people to encounter God. So no matter how your outreach is programmed, be it with service projects or classes, always take the approach that when you serve the city, God will change it.

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    January 2, 2020 Oneka McClellan - Yeah, I'm Scrappy

    At times we can view our gifts, talents, or even our experiences as nothing. We end up discounting something in our life only to realize later it had much more value than we believed.
    During the “Yeah, I’m Scrappy” talk, Oneka McClellan reassures us nothing is wasted in God’s hands. What we may see as a scrappy life, God can make whole.
    Throughout the Bible we see how God uses what seems insignificant for his glory. Each of us are special. God has created us each beautifully and uniquely. Regardless of what we may feel and no matter our circumstance, we were all created with purpose.
    Whatever our scraps may be, as long as we turn them over to him, God’s power will redeem and restore them. Nothing is wasted, God is faithful to transform scraps to success.

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    December 29, 2019 DawnCheré Wilkerson — 2019 Best Moments - Sabbath Sunday

    Flashing back through the past 12 months, we can’t but rejoice at all that God has done.
    To wrap up the year, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson reflects on the Best Moments of 2019 at VOUS.
    No matter what you have faced this past year, know God is for you, and so are we. As we move forward building God’s kingdom brick by brick, we’ll continue to rely on our community of believers to accomplish more than we ever could alone.
    2019 is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’re through. Our best days are ahead of us. We can’t wait to kick off the New Decade with you!

    Cheers to 2020! Start it off right and join the community at VOUS:

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    December 23, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — I Don't Feel Favored

    Hopefully, you're feeling blessed and highly favored in the knowledge of Lord this Christmas season. But putting the Christianese aside, what about when you don't feel so blessed?
    In the talk “I Don’t Feel Favored,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explores the meaning of favor to reveal it is not a feeling but a fact.
    The promises of God tend to come packaged with problems. Take Mary, a virgin destined to birth a son. In a culture that likely wouldn't have taken the news gladly, she could have felt anything but favored. Yet her obedience through the trial, and for the sake of the promise, made it so her same spirit of obedience passed to her son who would face the ultimate test.
    As Christ-followers, we must follow our beliefs and not our feelings. When we face troubles we can overcome and stand in favor knowing everything will be worked out for good. After all, we have the presence of someone bigger than any challenge—the Holy Spirit, our greatest present.

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    December 19, 2019 VOUS Staff — VOUS CONFERENCE 2019: You Can't Do It Without A Team

    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    At VOUS, servant leadership is our identity. The more we understand leading means serving, the more we resemble Jesus. To lead with excellence means to serve first and lean on the talents of others.
    Steering the VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session “You Can’t Do It Without a Team,” VOUS Staff Dakota Duron, John David Robertson, and Jamila Pereira speak on the servant leadership culture at VOUS.
    A key element to having a healthy team is a willingness to learn from one another. Taking the approach that no one person has all the answers allows room for creativity and growth. But keep in mind that process and structure anchor a team’s efforts.
    Once established, clear directives allow evaluation to be put to good use. Measuring results, much like checking vitals, tells of where a team is and signals at where it can go. In our ever-evolving servant leadership journey, we should strive for healthy collaboration. Together we have potential to go much farther and be effective in all we do for God's kingdom.

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    December 16, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Bricklayers: Built to Last

    We serve a God who never stops working. He is constantly seeking and redeeming the lost. As his people, we are empowered to join his work through our generosity.

    On Vision Offering Sunday, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. reminds us what God originates, he orchestrates in “Bricklayers: Built to Last.”
    With God’s help, Nehemiah was able to do much more than rebuild a wall. He restores the soul of a nation and increases their faith. Nehemiah’s story is a lesson teaching us we must assume responsibility, create accountability, and live for legacy.

    God wants us to consider future generations with the actions we take today. We can be confident that when we do our part, God will do his. Let’s choose to live in generosity, so others can get to live in opportunity.

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    December 12, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr — Sunday Service: No Turning Back

    "If you surrender your life and declare, 'There is no turning back— the cross before me the world behind me.' You're going to find a peace that surpasses all understanding."
    Rich Wilkerson Jr
    No Turning Back
    VOUS Church
    Sunday Service with Kanye West

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    December 9, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Bricklayers- The Opposition of a Vision

    Working toward a goal only to get halfway is a symptom of distraction by resistance. We can start off excited but the minute we face criticism we pull away from our calling. 
    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares the message “The Opposition of a Vision,” from the “Bricklayers” collection. In it, he motivates us to remain committed to God’s vision placed on our hearts.
    Progress is understanding a failed plan does not equate to a failed vision. There are opportunities to pray first, and if need be, pivot our way through the trial so the dream can be realized.
    As we step out in faith, giving praise the whole way through, we can be confident that the same God who has supported us in the past will certainly do so again.

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    December 5, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. & Judah Smith — VOUS Conference 2019: Communicating for Change

    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    What makes a great communicator? Most can agree that the greatest communicators can simplify complexity, captivate an audience, and make a short moment memorable.
    During the “Communicating for a Change” breakout session at VOUS Conference 2019, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. interviews Judah Smith to deepen understandings on effective communication in our modern day.
    Describing his sermon writing process, Judah Smith makes it clear that everyone is individual and not all processes will look the same. He shares communication methods, how to employ them, and how to effectively get a point across.
    While different processes exist, every communicator needs to understand their unique communication style, who their audience is and how the two combine in creating a relatable, understandable, memorable, and life-changing message.

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    December 2, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Bricklayers: Collaboration Creates Multiplication

    Every great human accomplishment through history required a multitude of people to execute. Think of everyone involved in the first Moon landing, creating the Internet, or building the Great Wall of China. One goal, multiple people.

    Deeper into the "Bricklayers" collection of talks, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares how we can achieve greatness in "Collaboration Creates Multiplication."
    Reflecting on Nehemiah’s story, we see he was able to accomplish the impossible, rebuilding a wall around Jerusalem in just 52 days. But he was not alone. Through a partnership with God, the feat was made possible by Nehemiah’s clear vision and collaboration with those around him.
    Collaboration is exactly what God had in mind when he created us. Gaining perspective that two are better than one, will help us realize we can do more together than we ever could alone.

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    November 30, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr, Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, Chad Veach & Mike Todd — Life Lessons (Part Two)

    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    What do you get when you have pastors Rich Wilkerson Jr., Judah Smith, Mike Todd, Carl Lentz, and Chad Veach on stage together? Major drumming skills, impromptu worship, nonstop laughs, and a very honest conversation about leading at home, church, and on the road.
    Register now for #VOUSConf 2020 here:
    During Session 6 of VOUS Conference 2019, these pastors opened up about important topics that affect them not only as pastors and leaders but as husbands and fathers too.
    In sharing on putting family first, not seeking validation from others, and overcoming the lack of motivation to preach, these men of faith pull back the curtain on the human realities they face and the pressures that come along with their titles.

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    November 25, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Bricklayers- Waiting is Working

    It can be easy to have vision for our lives, but difficult to wait for it to come to pass. To many of us, a season of waiting seems more like a burden instead of a time of growth.
    Continuing in the collection of talks “Bricklayers,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. teaches us that there’s purpose in the process in a message called “Waiting is Working.”
    In studying the book of Nehemiah, he proves to be a great example of what it looks like to be active during the wait. Establishing a plan to rebuild the city of Judah, Nehemiah demonstrated patience and used his time to pray to God.
    We must first take time to hear from God, for at the right moment he will bring the vision to pass. Taking immediate action can lead to the birth of a premature vision, causing us to lose faith.
    Being patient requires work from us. Trusting in God’s timing and praying for an opportunity and favor from him allows our sight to be in line with his and our strength to be renewed. Through it all we can remain confident that while we wait, he is working on our behalf.

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    November 22, 2019 VOUS Staff — VOUS CONFERENCE 2019: Don't Practice On People

    At VOUS Church, people are our heart. It is our prime purpose to bring people who are far from God, close to him. To do so, we need a high level of preparation that will enable us to create a distraction-free and fun experience for all who walk through our doors.
    Zeroing in on what it takes to shape a Sunday service, VOUS Staff Chris Lopez, Samuel Gualtieri, and Pilar Irarrazabal share "Don't Practice On People" in their VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session.
    To get ready for Sunday, deliverables need to start rolling in from Monday. And while room for flexibility is important, a well thought out service plan is the main priority. Ideas can flourish through the contribution of gifted and dedicated servant leaders. Plus, helpful technologies can keep communication flowing so there's less guesswork leading up services.
    To see growth and development in the areas of creative, production, and operations it will take a lot of strategic behind-the-scenes work. But as we do our part to work out the kinks, God will take care of the rest and produce an outstanding outcome on Sunday.

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    November 18, 2019 Earl McClellan — Bricklayers: Blessed With the Burden to Build

    The work of building God’s kingdom is a work of bringing the broken home. It is seeking those who are lost, so they can proudly say they are found.
    Pastor Earl McClellan shares the story of Nehemiah in the talk, ”Bricklayers: Blessed With the Burden to Build.” Through Nehemiah’s example, we can see how we are to play a part of God’s great construction project and build his Church.
    God is looking for people who will work for his kingdom wholeheartedly. There will be distractions that get in the way and try to get us off the project. But as bricklayers we can stand firm knowing God will maximize all of our efforts.

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    November 16, 2019 Restless: A Guided Prayer Journey — Rich Wilkerson Jr.

    Are you tired? Feeling Restless?
    Take a few moments to stop and pause as Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. leads you through a guided prayer journey.
    For more Restless resources check out: https://www.vouschurch.com/restless

    Featured Songs:
    “Bigger Than I Thought”
    © 2019 Worship Together Music / sixsteps Songs / Sounds Of Jericho (Admin. at CapitolCMGPublishing.com) / Lead And Yellow Publishing (BMI) (admin. by Round Hill Music) / This Is Swoope’s (ASCAP)
    “Awake My Soul”
    Words and Music by Brooke Ligertwood
    © 2019 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia CCLI: 7134998

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    November 14, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Team Leaders Meeting: 4 Realms Of Influence

    No one has done a better job of leadership than Jesus. And it is upon every follower of Jesus to do their best to lead as he did. To be effective, knowing the contexts in which we're called to make an imprint is critical.
    In this foundational talk on leadership, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shows VOUS Team Leaders how to recognize and operate in the "Four Realms of Influence."
    Jesus didn’t waste a moment, he made an impact on lives wherever he went. The same must be true for us. We can be of influence whether we're hanging out in the city, crowd, church, or with our core group of friends. Each realm takes a unique strategy and intentionality on our part to manage the spiritual and practical needs within.
    Every leader's goal should be to move people from their outer to their inner sphere of influence. Because at every stage more miracles happen. Leadership, when properly stewarded, will take people to a place they never intended but when they arrive, they're thankful.

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    November 11, 2019 VOUS Staff — Restless: Practice What You Preach

    More than any other generation, information is at our fingertips. While living in the Information Age makes it a challenge, turning rest into a discipline is not out of reach.
    Concluding the “Restless” collection of talks, Manouchka Charles, Luke Barry, and Adrian Molina give us pointers on building restful habits in “Practice What You Preach.”
    Typically, we know what brings us peace but feelings often get in the way. But we can fend off their fickle effects if practical steps are applied. By paying particular attention to our schedule, environment, checklists, and work we actively choose rest. Add in Jesus' example of reading, resting, and retreating, a spiritual system we should run on repeat, and we'll truly enjoy God's rest.
    Ultimately, we must believe Jesus will continue showing us how to live rested. But we must also be willing students of the Master. Let us practice what we have come to know about rest, trusting that God will take care of the rest.

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    November 7, 2019 Manouchka Charles — Hearing God's Voice: Conversations with God

    When we want to prepare for an exam, we study by reading and maybe mixing in a few flashcards. But when we want to prepare for life, what do we do?
    In the talk “Hearing God’s Voice: Conversations with God,” Manouchka Charles answers the question by showing us the Bible is our manual for living well.
    More than just a book, the Bible is God-breathed word. It serves the purpose of instructing, correcting, training, and transforming us into who God created us to be. The problem is at times we fail to understand how good the Bible can be for us.
    The answer is to stand on the truth that the Word comes from a loving Father who desires the best for us. By knowing God's love, our conviction of the Bible's benefits will never falter. We won't just read it once in a while, but continuously. Because it contains all we need, for all we are called, for all of our lives.

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    November 4, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Restless: How To Sleep In Your Storm

    Imagine God handling life's surprises the way some of us do—with panic! We probably wouldn't turn to him much. Thankfully, God doesn’t struggle with our circumstances. When it seems to us he’s sleeping, he’s bringing peace to the chaos.
    In the “Restless” talk "How to Sleep in Your Storm,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explains that practicing rest during our storms will help us get through them.
    We may feel that resting will cause us to miss out on solving problems and reaching goals. But that is far from the truth. Jesus took his time and was intentional about being alone with the Father and still, he accomplished more than anyone ever could. We can follow his example in every season.
    Slowing down, participating in solitude, and honoring the Sabbath are all vital to finding rest in the hectic moments. No matter what's thrown our way, God's promises to us in the stillness are sure in the storm.

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    October 28, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Restless: Closed on Sunday

    Finding validation from all we accomplish and obtain can lead to a continuous cycle of striving. Eventually, that mode of operation keeps us from what we need—moments of rest.
    In the “Restless” collection of talks, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. draws our attention to why rest is important, how God established it since the beginning of creation, and what taking a Sabbath really looks like in the message “Closed on Sunday.”
    God did not intend for us to live a life solely dedicated to the grind of responsibilities and commitments. We should have a cadence of work and rest, creating a healthy balance between the two.
    Though we may have forgotten the last time we made room in our schedules to be restored, God reminds us to find soul refreshment and live in rhythm of resting in him.

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    October 24, 2019 VOUS Staff — VOUS CONFERENCE 2019: How to Turn a Crowd Into a Community

    The church isn't a place, it's a people. In seeking to equip and empower people, we have to remember there's a difference between a church _with_ small groups and a church _of_ small groups.
    Members of the VOUS Church staff, Michelle and Adrian Molina and Kyle Graham, get into the nitty-gritty of "How to Turn a Crowd Into a Community" during their VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session.
    Crews are the small groups of VOUS Church. It is where community culture gets developed by design. Crews draw support through leadership structure, resources, and systems.
    Each element of Crew, be it a building block, the seasonal calendar, or embedded moments to honor up, down, and all around, is there to make it better. Because, in the end, our godly goal is to foster healthy relationships and transform lives.

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    October 21, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Restless: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

    We can get so caught up in distractions that we lose rest, and it's impulsive desires that are to blame. Our worldly wants put us in a constant and overwhelming search for more.
    Kicking off the “Restless” collection with “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. explains we can exchange the burdens of our wants for what Jesus offers.

    Rather than being driven by our desires to a certain breakdown, we can instead hand over the steering wheel to God and allow him to set the direction toward peace. He provides us the solution by exemplifying calm amid frustrations and disappointments.
    Jesus tells us to come, take what is his, learn from him, and find the true source of our desire in him. It is an invitation we must accept if we hope to enjoy the benefits. When we say yes and focus on God and his promises, only then can we fully rest in the work he has already done.

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    October 18, 2019 Ben Courson — VOUS Conference 2019: Are You OK?

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    Suicide has become a leading cause of death in America. As alarming as that fact is, we don't have to settle for it. We can instead choose life and aspire for a better tomorrow.
    In his poetic style, Ben Courson shares how this generation can move from mope to hope during the “Are You OK?” VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session. He challenges us to think about what we think about and inspires us to know that even if we are not OK that it’s OK because by the power of God eventually, we will be.
    In life, to thrive, we ought to know hope is a journey and joy is a choice. We must fight for what we don’t feel. When we hear the word of God, we can reject being defined by failures, be relieved from depression, and enjoy Christ's freedom.
    Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, if you or someone you know needs help, 1-800-273-8255.

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    October 14, 2019 Craig Groeschel — TEAM CONF 2019 Sunday: Becoming an Influencer

    What is an influencer? Going by society’s current definition, we’d be led to believe an influencer is a person with a large social media following. Yet, while a social platform may be good, it is simply a tool and shouldn't be mistaken for the real influence God wants for us.
    In an inspiring message, “How to Become an Influencer,” Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church shifts our perspective on the impact we Christ-followers can have on the lives of others.
    God is not looking for platforms to use but people. Individuals who are willing to take any and every moment to share the grace and love of Christ. Whether a conversation, a word of encouragement, or a gesture, every action is a seed that can be planted into the right soil for harvest.
    Thankfully there are plenty of opportunities to partner with God to create life-giving experiences for those around us. And we don’t have to have it all together to be of influence, we just have to be willing. We’re all influencers.

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    October 11, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Hillsong Germany: Live to Lead

    When leaders lead, people follow, and God gets the glory. It is a sequence we're all designed for, and yet great things don’t just happen. It starts with a willing leader equipped with the right tools.
    In his talk with Hillsong Germany, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares what there is to know and do when it comes to leadership in “Life to Lead.”
    Vision anchors a leader’s path. Energy toward an activity will show little progress if there is no direction. And it is a leader’s vision that rallies a team around a cause. The team amplifies a leader’s work for a more resounding the impact.
    But it is not enough to have a vision and team, leaders must approach their endeavors with the right attitude and determination. A proper system in place will ensure that attitude and determination are always in check.
    A leader can't lead in a vacuum, we all have our part to play. So long as we apply these tools of leadership effectively, we will gain many wins for God's kingdom.

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    October 7, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Hearing God’s Voice: Don’t Waste Your Pain

    What if the very thing that challenges us the most, is the exact thing that God uses to speak to our heart? Few people choose to embrace pain and many of us choose to avoid it altogether. Experiencing pain is difficult, however, when we try to avoid it, we can miss out on what God is trying to do through us.

    Finishing the collection of talks “Hearing God’s Voice,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. encourages us in a message titled “Don’t Waste Your Pain.”

    God speaks to us even through obstacles and as C.S. Lewis says, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

    What exactly is God shouting to us when we are going through pain? God intends to purify our priorities, challenge our capacity, and expand our empathy.

    As we change our perspective on the trials in our life we are able to discover joy. Rather than just going through it, we can grow through it and allow God to walk with us.

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    September 30, 2019 DawnCheré Wilkerson — Hearing God's Voice: Enough Said

    Have you ever been on a quest for something that in reality had been there all along? Sometimes we are looking for a whisper from God when in actuality the Bible has always allowed his voice to be clear.
    In a continuation of the collection of talks “Hearing God’s Voice,” Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson speaks to our hearts in a message titled “Enough Said.”
    When we are looking to hear from God we can start by trusting in what the Bible says. God’s word is clear and accessible, however, we must be willing to meditate on it.
    Trusting God and his word becomes easier when we make an effort to understand and apply it to our daily lives. We are called to value God’s word and recognize that it is more than enough. Enough to speak and guide us through life. It is our instruction manual, written by the author of life. We can reach for our Bibles with confidence that God’s voice is closer than we think.

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    September 26, 2019 Chad Veach — VOUS Conference 2019: Confessions of a Church Planter

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    Guess what? The secret’s out, church planting is fun!
    Pastor Chad Veach, the ​lead pastor of ZOE Church, gives a healthy dose of positive encouragement to builders of the local church in his VOUS Conference 2019 breakout session ”Confessions of a Church Planter.”
    Church planters need to know that the planting will be much easier than expected. And that is because Jesus is behind every good thing they will come across. God will produce the miracles, provide the resources, and prepare the people for the local church since it is his own and he is responsible.
    So, count on success, church planters. Step out in faith and boldly obey the call to build knowing that God backs your unique assignment in bringing the broken home.

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    September 19, 2019 Carl Lentz — VOUS Conference 2019: I Am Getting Better

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    Everything we intend to refine in our lives requires patience and commitment, and the same applies to our spiritual walk.
    Closing out VOUS Conference, Pastor Carl Lentz shares a message entitled “I Am Getting Better.” He details how we can improve in every aspect of our lives through a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
    As with most things that we aim to improve, we must first know the position of what we’re working towards. The Holy Spirit’s role in our lives is to execute the intentions God has declared over us while giving us direct access to heaven. Where we lack in our human nature, the Holy Spirit intercedes and compensates for our shortcomings while preventing disruptions in God’s plan for us. The presence of the Holy Spirit lessens life’s pressures by reminding us of our purpose when the voices telling us otherwise get too loud.
    God sent the Holy Spirit to highlight the truth that is within us. Aligning with this truth allows us to find peace, experience joy, and live a life that is strong in faith and aligned with God’s will.

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    September 16, 2019 Dawncheré Wilkerson — Hearing God's Voice: When Life is Too Loud

    We’re all seeking to know why we’re here and to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts. The confidence to know God and his voice is exactly what's needed. But that can be a challenge when life has become one big sound machine.
    As part of the "Hearing God's Voice" collection of talks, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson gives us the reasons why we ought to turn down the volume and the tools to do so in "When Life is Too Loud."
    Our adaptation to noise blocks out God's ever-present whisper. However, we can choose to linger in relationship with God daily. Prioritizing our emotion, effort, and energy on God will open us up to the truth that we are loved and that he is the answer to all our needs.
    Learning to listen to God is a life-long pursuit that is worth every moment. And at every turn, he is willing to be found. Just imagine, if God can breathe the universe into existence, what he can whisper into our once hardened hearts?

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    September 11, 2019 Mike Todd — VOUS Conference 2019: The Problem... Just Found An Answer

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    Does the idea of being marked or set apart by God invoke feelings of excitement? Fear? A mix of both? You're pumped about the responsibility but anxious about the chance of messing up.
    At VOUS Conference 2019, Pastor Mike Todd illuminates the idea that “The Problem Just Found An Answer.” He clears the confusion around what it means to be chosen by God.
    We're put into various circumstances so we can step up to the plate. God wants to see that we are faithful to serve at every level. To be an answer to a problem, no matter the cost to our pride. That's the way we wear our mark of being set apart by God.
    It takes work to embrace our place of being the solution. But God doesn't make mistakes on who he has chosen to do the work. He knows we're capable of making a difference through our story, talents, and blessings, but only if we're willing to step into a serving role. When we follow God's guideline and trust the process, we help our way up to promotion. There's no way we can fail.

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    September 9, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Vision Sunday: Brick by Brick

    When looking at a structure, we only see the completed product. But if we take a look at the interior, we’d see the interconnected bricks that give a building its form.
    God is the master craftsmen whose handiwork is evident in the linking of our lives, much like that of connected bricks. In an epic Vision Sunday and 4-Year-Anniversary message, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. lays out the plan God has envisioned for VOUS Church, "Brick by Brick."
    We're all bricks coming together for a bigger purpose, telling a greater story. Our construction points to Jesus, the cornerstone who builds us up as servant leaders and tests the work of our hands, all while protecting us, his Church.
    As living stones in partnership with God, our calling is to add more bricks, to find those in need of hope and tell them the good news that Jesus is the answer. By unifying with acts of service and giving toward the vision, we'll bravely accomplish God's mighty will.

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    September 5, 2019 Mark Pettus — VOUS Conference 2019: The Future of The Church

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    It is a big, almost intimidating thought, but the future of the Church rests on our ability to outpace culture. What does that mean? It means, while being multigenerational, we’re focused on capturing the faith of this generation.
    The workers are few, but there’s a harvest full of people waiting to get closer to God. In his talk "The Future of the Church," Highlands College President Mark Pettus helps us see that our harvest field is in Generation Z.
    Will the Church heed the call and choose to see what Jesus himself sees ⁠— the great potential of for young people? Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be out front, breaking through the confusion and answering the key questions of this generation. There is a lot in store for the Church, it’s our move to take on the great opportunity of our time.

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    September 5, 2019 Judah Smith — VOUS Conference 2019: I Was Wrong

    Today, we've gotten so used to "agreeing to disagree" that it seems completely acceptable for no one to be 100% right or wrong. That it's just a matter of opinion. But if we can be honest, there are times when we're wrong, and admitting it helps us to grow spiritually and relationally.
    For VOUS Conference 2019, Pastor Judah Smith’s “I Was Wrong” hit straight to the heart of the matter—there are certain things we say or do that we shouldn’t allow to exist in a gray zone. Whether by mistake or intention, we've all made errors.
    Some of our wrongdoings can include misjudging someone based on the first impression, not following through with our word, or failing a friend. And we've all missed the mark set by God, having had the wrong understanding of him and what he wants from us.
    Yet, whatever the area of failure, being able to admit our offenses will push us closer to the destiny God has for us. Just as the Bible tells us, by humbling ourselves and admitting our mistakes, we'll be exalted before God.

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    September 3, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. with Mike Todd & Chad Veach — VOUS Conference 2019: Scared But Prepared

    Stepping out to lead can be a scary thing. And that's OK, so long as fear doesn't hinder our progress in leadership.
    During VOUS Conference 2019, pastors Rich Wilkerson Jr., Chad Veach, and Mike Todd collaborated on the message "Scared but Prepared."
    Fear of being stuck in place, fear of an uncertain destination, or fear of missing out are few compelling reasons leaders take a step back. Yet, when we listen to God’s promises we can rest in the fact that he has already gone before us.
    As we develop as leaders our trust in God must turn to action. Focus on the craft and make it even stronger through practice. Seek out mentorship and never neglect the impact our example can have on others. Those are key ways to beat back the fear that would keep us in the shadows.
    Leadership is God’s will for our lives. He prompts us to walk by faith, not by sight. So let's prepare by living as though we are already in the place we want to be. As we value our role God will maximize our efforts, elevating us in due time. And that will far outweigh the fear.

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    August 27, 2019 DawnCheré — VOUS Conference 2019: Living The Dream

    Have you ever wanted something so bad and when you got it, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? Many times how we dream things will happen and how they play out is very different. But even when it's uncomfortable, we need to let the scene play out before we give up.
    Pastor DanwCheré Wilkerson challenged us during VOUS Conference 2019, with her message, "Living the Dream."
    Sometimes we are disappointed by our reality. It can even seem worthless to dream and believe in those dreams. But we need to come to terms with the fact that living the dream is a lot different from dreaming the dream. God gave us the ability to dream and imagine the impossible, but it is when we center our lives and dreams around Jesus that we experience his promises in ways we couldn't even imagine.
    As we walk out our identity in Christ, we realize that we have been living the dream all along.

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    August 19, 2019 Lecrae — Surviving Life’s Deserts and Storms

    "Why is this happening to me?" is a question we can find ourselves asking amid tough situations. We try to run away from the storms, believing that hiding will make them cease. Instead of avoiding our problems or striving to solve them with our own effort, we can go to God to find out what we should learn from them.
    Delivering a powerful message to kick off our 21 days of prayer and fasting, Grammy award-winning artist and renowned communicator Lecrae encourages us to run to God during chaos in “Surviving Life’s Deserts and Storms.”
    Like Jonah the prophet, we will encounter various storms. Whether they're caused by self-infliction, the broken world we live in, or God's hand serving as a wake-up call, we should never view what must we go through as punishment.
    God allows the obstacles to prepare us for the future, to align us with the blessings he has for us. While it’s easy to believe we’re alone in hard times, God is never far away. He is always right by our side. Walking with us through trials and challenges, God is ready to step in as our deliverer.

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    August 5, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Hebrews: You Are Surrounded

    When we’re frustrated with our circumstances, we may become discouraged in our faith. We can be triggered by simple distractions that hinder us from our destiny. These are all challenges that tempt us to quit, run back, and just give up completely. 
    In the fifth week of the collection of talks “Not Going Back” from a study of the book of Hebrews, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. reminds us of what great faith looks like in his message titled “You Are Surrounded.”
    The journey of faith will require us to persevere, and we must always consider our reward, Jesus, who has provided the ultimate sacrifice for us to live by faith through his grace. 
    Remember that no matter what, we are never alone, and when we surrender, we are surrounded with love and strength. We can look to those who have already crossed the finish line, providing us with valuable examples on how to stay encouraged, push through, and run until the end. We must not back down, but remember God has given us everything we need to keep going.

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    July 29, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Hebrews: Once and For All

    In our day-to-day, it is easy to get consumed with ourselves and the many avenues by which our worldly troubles affect us. Viewed through the lens of the law, our sins and imperfections are on full display, almost to the point of distraction. Our faith journey can become burdensome if we turn to the law looking for forgiveness.
    In “Once and for All,” a talk from our Book of Hebrews study “Not Going Back,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. tells us to shift our focus from ourselves to Jesus, the perfect one who paid the ultimate price.
    The enemy tries to keep us in bondage by pointing out that we can never measure up. It is a constant assault that seeks to prevent us from moving forward in true freedom. 
    But remembering Jesus is the fulfillment of the law gives us what we need to withstand those old tactics. Staying fixed on the new mercy and grace of Jesus sets in us the truth that our sins⁠—past, present, and future⁠—have been forgiven once and for all.

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    July 22, 2019 Luke Barry — Hebrews: I’m Not Letting Go

    Everyone wants a better life, but what do we mean by better? Usually, we define better as being whatever's most convenient to us. But that's not what God has in mind.
    Diving deeper into our study of the book of Hebrews, Luke Barry shares the message ”Not Letting Go,” the third talk in the “Not Going Back” collection.
    Christianity isn't exactly known to make life easy or comfortable. So, why be a Christian if it appears not to fit our definition of better? The decision to live a life set apart doesn't come from a place of convenience, but of conviction.
    The events of the Bible aren't metaphors to be applied to life, rather they're moments that happened in order to change our lives. The most pivotal of all being the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. The anchor of our faith.
    History cannot be rewritten. It reveals "his story," the truth of Jesus. We must hold on to that truth. While Jesus did all that was needed to be done for us, he didn’t do everything that needed to be done by us. The better life we desire requires us to stand firm in faith and belief of God’s promises.

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    July 19, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr — VOUS Conference 2019: No One Else Is Coming

    What if the hope of the Gospel was on the shoulders of a singular people? What if no one else was coming to deliver the Gospel? We are that hope. We are that people.
    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. kicks off VOUS Conference 2019 by laying the groundwork to this year’s theme, "No One Else is Coming." In it, he speaks on Jesus’ final prayer before the cross for believers to come together as the body of Christ.
    As Christ followers, we need to bring the broken home. To complete our mission we need unity but comparison, competition, criticism, and character flaws hinder us.
    The Church needs a new narrative. One that speaks of a community helping those with problems, loving beyond mistakes, and caring without judgment. The Church where people can belong before they believe and behave.
    We cannot wait for others to spread the good news because no one else is coming. Let us rise to the challenge, showing the world that Jesus didn’t come to condemn us, but rather to love and save us.

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    July 17, 2019 A Conversation on Mental Illness and Suicide with DawnCheré Wilkerson and Kayla Stoecklein

    In a powerful conversation on life, loss, and mental health, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson interviews special guest Kayla Stoecklein.
    Kayla openly shares her story of redemption and hope in the midst of tragedy, the death by suicide of her husband Pastor Andrew Stoecklein. Andrew who, with a deep love for family and a passion for ministry, did not seem a likely candidate for such a heartbreaking end will always be remembered by Kayla for the way he lived and not the way he died.
    Kayla serves notice to us all that we shouldn’t allow our secrets to be our downfall, that if we’re struggling, to let someone know.  We’re loved and valued by God and he has a great plan for our lives. Through any trial we may face, God’s got it.
    If you or anyone you know are dealing with suicidal thoughts, don’t ignore it. Call the suicide prevention hotline at any time: 1-800-273-8255

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    July 15, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Hebrews: I’m Still Not Over It

    There are times when we face resistance and situations that we are entirely over. Ready to throw the towel in on our troubles, we can often find ourselves ready to quit the faith journey altogether. In these times, we are challenged to not go back to our old ways of relying on ourselves. 
    Entering the second installment of our collection of talks from the book of Hebrews, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. implores us to stand firm and not waver in the purpose that God has called us for in “I’m Still Not Over It.” 
    When it comes to walking in our purpose, we should remain encouraged to see the process through. Since our calling is connected to people, it’s important for us to share the responsibilities with others and stay committed to where God has placed us.
    Fixing our minds on Jesus, he renovates our perspectives and transforms our thoughts. Staying in his presence helps us to not get over who he is, but instead to lean completely into him regardless of the hardships as we continue on the journey of faith.

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    July 8, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — Hebrews: Superiority Complex

    As with anything in life, our faith will be challenged. When doubts come our way, we can either set our eyes on Jesus or return to our old crutches.
    Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. shares the message “Superiority Complex” a kick off to the "Not Going Back” collection of talks centered on the Book of Hebrews.
    We all have a slight superiority complex. It shows up when we don’t recognize God as greater than other influences in our lives. When we don’t place God first. The problem with that is, if we don’t place him in the right order, our lives will be out of order.
     To set God first, we must hear his voice, see his example, and be pleasing him. These tasks can seem overwhelming, but we should remember our faith is quite simple. Everything begins and ends with Jesus.
    By listening to Jesus’ words, looking to how Jesus led his life, and loving Jesus we confirm there’s nothing that can replace God being superior in our lives. Once we get our priorities right there’s no going back to lesser, unsatisfying distractions. Jesus is all we need.

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    June 24, 2019 Taylor Wilkerson — Get Your Joy Back

    Sometimes we forget emotions are fleeting and aren’t the best tools to live by. However, we can build our lives on a foundation of consistent joy.
    Pastor Taylor Wilkerson of Trinity Church Harlem speaks on the theme of joy in an inspirational message titled “Get Your Joy Back.”
    The Bible tells us to rejoice in the Lord always, but how can we be joyful in the midst of chaos life throws at us? We’ll begin to see purpose behind our pain when we understand that God equips us for the journey we’re on. It’s trust in his power to change our circumstances.
    When we get discouraged, the prescription to a heavy heart is praise. Turning our focus away from our problems and toward our God in praise, unlocks our capacity to remain joyful in the face of obstacles.
    Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. When we translate our trust into praise, the Holy Spirit restores our joy.

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    June 10, 2019 Manouchka Charles — 7 Rules for Self Discovery: Joie De Vivre

    How would you define joy? Many would define joy as a feeling of gladness or happiness, however, joy signifies something much deeper.
    Manouchka Charles encourages us to seek the joy of God with a powerful close to our collection of talks “7 Rules for Self Discovery” based on A.W. Tozer’s 7th rule, “what we laugh at.” Through the French saying “Joie de Vivre” which translates to “Joy of Living,” Manouchka explains that laughter is subjective, joy is objective. 
    God wants us to find joy not only through the good times, but by being rooted in him, trusting he is always faithful. In order to find true joy we must understand God is our source of joy, choosing to stay connected to him and not just around things that reflect him. Knowing God is our satisfaction means intentionally seeking a place and time to connect with him. Realizing that God is our strength also helps us to find joy in him. Many of us try to be strong in our own power, but in reality are unknowingly walking around broken.
    Joy is not situational it is supernatural. It can only come from one true source–God. You’ll find that as you continue to seek God, he will manifest true joy in your life by turning your circumstances into contentment.

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    May 27, 2019 Adrian Molina — 7 Rules for Self Discovery: Find Your Focus

    At some point, we all try to figure out our purpose on earth, the reason why we’re here. So we analyze the different expressions of ourselves to better understand our preferences. Along this journey to soul discovery, we also need to pay special attention to the subject of our admiration.
    Our collection, "7 Rules for Self Discovery," continues as Adrian Molina speaks on the topic “Find Your Focus.” In this talk, we explore the fifth rule from A.W. Tozer, who do you admire?
     Who we look at, what we study, and how we behave are three areas to observe that can help us determine the aim of our admiration. They are all indicators of what we’re focused on. 
    Zeroing in on what we hold in high esteem can show us what direction we're headed and who we'll become. For sure, we would want all we hold dear to lead us back to Jesus. With our focus fixed on God, he'll develop us into the person we want to be, so we can walk the life he's planned for us.

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    May 20, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — 7 Rules for Self Discovery: Wait Till I Get My Money Right

    Foundations are important to any structure. Whether a physical building or the building of our lives, a solid base is needed for growth. Foundational work is essential to soul discovery. 
    Continuing in the collection of talks “7 Rules for Self Discovery,” Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. speaks on the topic “Wait Till I Get My Money Right.” 
    One of the building blocks to better understanding ourselves is to determine how we spend money-the fourth of A.W. Tozer’s rules. Many times we choose to not practice generosity until we have a certain amount of money. We withhold our finances from God, trusting in our ability to do more with it. However, it’s about getting our heart right first, not attaining more money.
    Where our money is spent shows what we are interested in and where our heart is invested. But God never intended for us to hold on to what he originally gave to us. To unlock the promises of tomorrow, we must release what we have received from God, focus on the eternal and believe that an abundance is waiting on the other side of our obedience.

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    May 13, 2019 DawnCheré Wilkerson and Christine Caine — 7 Rules For Self Discovery: What You Think About The Most

    In a Mother’s Day special, Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson continues the “7 Rules for Self-Discovery” collection, exploring the idea of what we think about the most while interviewing guest Christine Caine, evangelist, co-founder of A21 and founder of Propel Women, on how her walk with Christ influences her journey throughout her life and with her family. Christine shares with us how our thoughts can lead us astray from God’s path.
    Like a train, our thoughts lead us to a destination - either positive or negative. The beauty is, we have the choice on which train we enter. If the train of thought is negative and not in line with God's word, we should let it pass us by. Instead of gravitating towards anxiety and doubt, we should cling to the promises of God, let him lead us to a fulfilling life and step into all that God has called us to.

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    May 6, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — 7 Rules for Self Discovery: Waste or Create

    Self-discovery is really soul discovery. Self-searching leads to self-awareness. The truth is, God wants to have a relationship with our true self. Not just our projected self. On the journey to self-discovery, it only makes sense that we’re led to evaluate our interests. How do we identify those interests? Examine what we spend our time on. With hours set aside each week for sleep and work, it's our free time, or what we do with it, that determines who we are.
    In “Waste or Create” the second part in the “7 Rules to Self-Discovery” collection, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. reveals that while free time is free, it doesn't make it cheap. We're encouraged to infuse our leisure time with value.
    Three filters that can help guide our use of free time are rest, improvement, and passion. When we pause to recharge it shows we trust God is in control. Bettering ourselves is not one- dimensional but accounts for physical, mental and relational health. And when we put energy toward the thing we'd do even if we didn’t get paid for it, that's where we find passion.
    We must learn to leverage our time because as life progresses, our time decreases. Maximizing our spare time and creating value around it, will prevent us from wasting it and help us to leave a legacy.

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    April 29, 2019 DawnCheré Wilkerson — 7 Rules for Self Discovery: Most Wanted

    Sometimes life can feel like driving on a fast-paced highway where we've no choice but to make sudden turns along the way. There's so much we want for ourselves that it’s often hard to know which road to take. While time doesn’t slow down as we navigate our many wants, it’s crucial to determine their source, because desires lead us to our life's destination.
    Opening a new collection of talks, “7 Rules for Self Discovery,” Pastor DawnCheré Wilkerson speaks on the subject “Most Wanted.”
    It’s normal to hope for success. And on the surface, striving for achievement may seem to be enough, but we must dig deep to find the motivation behind our wants. To do so, we can reflect on areas such as our work, words, and worship, all are signals that can show us whether satisfaction in God is what propels us.
    Taking inventory is a first and necessary step to true self-discovery. Psalm 37:3-7 invites us to trust in God to find the answers to our wants. As we soul search with hearts fixed on God, we'll find that his promise to give us the desires of our hearts, was a promise to place his very own desires inside us all along.

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    April 22, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — BC/AD: The Story's Not Over

    At times we can feel disappointed by the challenges we face. During those moments, it can be hard to imagine what the future may hold for us, or how we will ever recover from defeat.
    Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. encourages us, when the unexpected appears, to recall the miracle of Jesus’ life and purpose with “The Story’s Not Over,” the last of our “BC/AD: The Rest is History” collection of talks. 
    Celebrating Easter brings the story of Jesus’ victory to the forefront. Though to his disciples all may have seemed lost at his crucifixion, we know the story didn't end there. As foretold throughout the Old Testament, Jesus brought salvation to the world when he defeated sin and the grave. His resurrection gave his followers the power to push onward with the good news.
    The same idea holds true for our lives today. While difficult situations may threaten to cause us to feel discouraged and delayed, our hope is that God isn’t through with us yet. There’s still more to tell. God gives us exactly we need so that his story of redemption can be told in our lives.

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    April 15, 2019 Adrian Molina — BC/AD: Only After

    The heart of prophecy is to reveal Jesus to us. Through these revelations, we're reminded that Jesus is just as present in our past as he will be in our future. 
    As part of our collection, “BC/AD: The Rest is History,” Adrian Molina shares his message “Only After.” He showed that Zechariah’s prophecy of the Messiah’s peace, foretold hundreds of years before Jesus ever walked the earth, connected to the very first Palm Sunday where Jesus rode on a donkey in triumph. 
    Today, Palm Sunday hasn’t lost its significance because we continue to celebrate our prophesied victory through Jesus. Because they're attached to Jesus, prophecies from the past have become promises of the future. Prophetic promises of hope, peace, love, and life all belong to Jesus. We can take comfort because when we attach to Jesus, those promises are then attached to us.
    Prophesy reminds us that the God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow holds our destiny in his hands. We need only to trust him and watch to see his promises fulfilled in our lives. 

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    April 8, 2019 Rich Wilkerson Jr. — BC/AD: Wrestling With God

    Through life’s highs and lows, it could be easy to feel the pressure that comes with the decisions we've made. At times, a fight that leaves us downright exhausted is wondering if we'll ever come to terms with our past.
    Continuing with our collection, "BC/AD: The Rest is History," Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr.’s latest talk, “Wrestling With God,” uses Jacob's story in Genesis 32 to encourage us to take our burdens from the past to God. We can seek him with confidence as we face difficult situations because he's capable of restoring and healing our own story.
    In times of desperation, we often reflect on previous mistakes and wonder if there was a different path we could have taken. Similar to Jacob, we may even find ourselves wrestling with God and wanting to fix our past before moving forward in his purpose. 
    However, it's in brokenness that God shines his power through our lives. God does not want a match with us, he wants a moment with us. And while times of uncertainty may not be enjoyable, they're necessary because they lead to greater blessings than we can imagine.
    Scars from the past are part of our testimony, serving as a reminder of God's redemption, and a hopeful future. God positions us to receive his blessings and grace. All he wants us to do is recognize our weakness and surrender.