56: All About Beans

Released March 13, 2023 by Sue's Healthy Minutes with Sue Becker | The Bread Beckers


When Sue Becker speaks about whole-grains, she is including all foods that are the seed of the plant as well as the fruit of the plant, which of course, would include both grains and beans. Beans are one of the most versatile and commonly eaten foods throughout the world. In fact for many people groups, beans and rice are a staple food if not one of the only foods readily available for them. Dry beans are also seeds that are considered a very nutrient rich food. Beans are a truly nutrient dense food group and contain only a moderate amount of calories. And, because of their high concentration of health promoting nutrients, consuming more beans has been shown to improve over all health. For more information, visit our website at breadbeckers.com. Follow us on Facebook @thebreadbeckers and Instagram @breadbeckers. *DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this podcast or on our website should be construed as medical advice. Consult your health care provider for your individual nutritional and medical needs. The information presented is based on our research and is strictly that of the author and not necessarily those of any professional group or other individuals.