81: The Truth About Lectins

Released September 4, 2023 by Sue's Healthy Minutes with Sue Becker | The Bread Beckers


Sue Becker addresses and debunks another myth that has flooded social media and other health-eating outlets for the past few years. Dr. Steven Gundry, author of the book, The Plant Paradox, claims that lectins adversely impact good gut organisms, compromise digestion, promote inflammation, and even boldly claims that lectins are the biggest dietary danger to our health and may even be killing us. Sue gives logical reasons why this information is simply not true! Follow us on Facebook @thebreadbeckers and Instagram @breadbeckers. For more information on the benefits of REAL bread - made from freshly-milled grain, visit our website, breadbeckers.com. Also, watch our video, Only Real Bread - Staff of Life, https://youtu.be/43s0MWGrlT8. *DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this podcast or on our website should be construed as medical advice. Consult your health care provider for your individual nutritional and medical needs. The information presented is based on our research and is strictly that of the author and not necessarily those of any professional group or other individuals.