108: It's the Bread Story, with guest, Krista Goguen

Released March 11, 2024 by Sue's Healthy Minutes with Sue Becker | The Bread Beckers


When Krista Goguen's son was diagnosed with a virus that causes warts, he was merely an infant. Krista, having a degree in nursing, immediately began researching what to do. This is when she was first introduced to REAL BREAD, and once she began eating real bread, herself, within just a very short time, she notices a drastic change in her nursing child's body. The warts began to disappear - never to return. Being too young to eat solid foods, her son was able to get the nutrients that he needed in order to clear his skin, through his mother's breast milk.  Sue ends this episode with Proverbs 31:27, "She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." She reiterates what we have heard her say before, which is "the woman described in Proverbs 31 does not allow her activities to burn her out. But instead, leans forward, peers into the distance and considers what future blessing or consequences are out there from today's activities." Recipe Collection Cookbook - https://bit.ly/breadbeckersrecipecollection Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness (Article) - https://bit.ly/breadofidlenessarticle Episode 35: Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness - https://breadbeckers.libsyn.com/35-do-not-eat-the-bread-of-idleness Do Not Eat the Bread of Idleness - Original Audio Recording (YouTube) - https://youtu.be/dejOz1gV4_g?si=W-fm2vSBOowUNYcg For more information on the benefits of REAL bread - made from freshly-milled grain, visit our website, breadbeckers.com. Also, watch our video, Only Real Bread - Staff of Life, https://youtu.be/43s0MWGrlT8. LISTEN NOW and SUBSCRIBE to this podcast here or from any podcasting platform such as, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Alexa, Siri, YouTube or anywhere podcasts are played. Visit our website at breadbeckers.com. Follow us on Facebook @thebreadbeckers and Instagram @breadbeckers. *DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this podcast or on our website should be construed as medical advice. Consult your health care provider for your individual nutritional and medical needs. The information presented is based on our research and is strictly that of the author and not necessarily those of any professional group or other individuals.  #warts #virus #infant #child